Weekend Wrap-Up

I busted open a fresh pair of Saucony Kinvara’s.  These will be my Boston Marathon shoes!!
I wore them to pace my Fleet Feet CMM group for 18 miles…felt great!
I didn’t feel like cooking steel-cut oats after my run, so I had the next best option…Umpqua Instant Oats.  They’re SO good!!
It was game day, so I sported my Kentucky blue.  Spoiler alert: they lost, but it was one heck of a season!
I decided that I’m tired of skinny jeans.  Yes, they’re cool.  Yes, they make me feel like a sausage link.  So, I bought a pair of bootcut jeans.  Note: the pair that fits me best is for a curvy body type!
I celebrated my long run with a glass of champagne.  It’s a good tradition.
Were you able to see the blood moon eclipse?
Easter Sunday:
I went for an early morning workout, and came home to my husband!!  He was supposed to be out of town, but managed to come home for the day.  Great surprise!!!!
I see this joke every year and it always cracks me up!
I took advantage of some down time and enjoyed our front porch swing 🙂
If you’ve been reading along for a while, you know that we don’t have any kids.  Easter is one of those days where I wish we did.  It would be so much fun to play Easter bunny.  Plus, I could share their candy.  (NOTE: this is totally not a reason to have a kid!)  But, I didn’t have a single jelly bean, Peep, or Reese’s Egg this year.  Crazy!  Follow me on Twitter HERE!!!
It’s hard to believe that Lent is over.  For 44 days, I gave up sweets and added a daily Joy Jar ritual.  I’m so glad the sweets are back in my life!! However, I do plan to continue with my Joy Jar.  It’s such a nice practice to write down something I’m thankful for every day.  And, I love the physical reminder of seeing my jar accumulate gratitude.
Totally random question: Are you dipper?  I always order my salad dressing, ketchup, syrup, etc…on the side.  I feel like I should have outgrown this practice in kindergarten.
Do you believe in the omen of the blood moon?  Is there a big change or event happening in your life?
Easter highlight?  unexpectedly getting to spend the day with my husband!
Favorite Easter candy? I like Peeps (preferably the bunnies) and Reese’s Eggs.

40 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up

  1. I always order dressing on side – sometimes dip sometimes pour at my discretion on 🙂 they always put too much dressing/sauce on things for my taste…favorite candy hmmm so many but I love kit kat or twizzler pull and peel as they make me feel like a kid playing with candy!

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  2. Nope! Heard about the blood moon and did not get to see it … the pillow won the battle lol and sweet Saucony’s … patriots day is fast approaching 🙂

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  3. I love Reese’s eggs, so good! I’m a big fan of Cadbury Mini Eggs too. I don’t love Peeps, but I’m not a marshmallow person (unless it’s on a s’more!). What a nice surprise that you got to spend the day with your husband! Have a great week, Jen!

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  4. Just found your blog and realized we both love Lilly and I chose that same “Elsa” top! So glad you have the perfect broken in shoes for Boston. I am just starting to get all my gear organized for the marathon and have a pair of shoes with 50 miles on them which will be perfect! So impressive that you did not eat any junk on Easter! We went to brunch at our club and I had a cupcake and cookie, but after 16 miles the day before, I earned it. Now I am skipping everything sweet/processed as much as possible until after race day!

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  5. 2 weeks till Boston!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love the Kinvara5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That oatmeal looks really good 🙂
    I am a total dipper. I like to get almost everything plain and dip or add at my own discretion 🙂
    I had a half marathon Sat so that was fun and it was too cloudy to see the blood moon.
    I got my girls necklaces for Easter with a running shoe on it and they loved it!

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  6. It was super cloudy, so we couldn’t see the blood moon. It seems like everytime a cool lunar event happens, it’s too cloudy to see anything! I did get sick this weekend, so maybe the omen is true…??

    Loving your new shoes! They’re so cute and BRIGHT! I bet you look super fast in them. Also, I love your idea of the joy jar..such a great idea and I think I’m going to try it out! I gave up soda/pop for Lent and I don’t have any desire to drink any. I think that’s a good thing 🙂 Enjoy your sweets (and your sweetie!)

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  7. I’m so glad Jason was able to make it home for Easter Sunday; that’s awesome! Also, if your MY husband, you could just dye your own eggs and have your own little party without kiddos – ha! 😉 We’re still kids ourselves, I’m pretty sure, which is why we don’t really miss any of it! I did have one Reese’s peanut butter egg and a little pack of Starburst jelly beans; they are THE BEST ones. I love, love, love your new shoes – woo hoo!!! So glad you had a great weekend; hope your Monday is off to a great start!

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  8. Ha, I just bought the same pair of Kinvaras for spring workouts and racing 🙂 Love the bright yellow color!

    I’m also over skinny jeans – right now I’m into flares. For some reason, faded flares always say summer to me!

    For Easter candy, I’m all about Cadbury eggs. Both the cream and caramel filled!

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