Run Fastah

I met up with friends for 5 miles and then added a few more solo miles after.  The dogwoods are gorgeous in TN right now, and my friend Dave shared the story of the dogwood with us.  Dogwoods bloom around Easter.  Blood stains the edges of the petals and the bloom’s center wears a crown of thorns.  I had never heard it before and will forever look at dogwoods differently.
I realized that I would have a date with the Unicorn in 7 days…eek!!!
I grabbed a green smoothie after my run.
Trackish Tuesday:
Because it’s race week, my track workout was modified.
5 miles at 8:50 pace
3 miles at 7:50 pace
It was 70 degrees with 97% humidity.  Let’s hope we don’t have to race in that weather!
I was in a hurry after track, so I made a quick cup of my favorite instant oats.
And headed to Franklin Massage for a tune-up before Boston.
Tuesday afternoon I had the pleasure of working with St. Jude to film a spot for our local news.  Ian Miller (a St. Jude patient), Richard Shadyac the CEO of ALSAC, and my friends Roy and Stephanie participated.  This was the second time that I got to “work” with Ian.  Read about the first time HERE!
I’m running the CMM as a St. Jude Hero and would greatly appreciate any and all donations to the Children’s Research Hospital!!  No family ever receives a bill from St. Jude thanks to your donations.  CLICK HERE TO DONATE!!  The Country Music Marathon is only 10 days away, so don’t wait to donate!!!
Because it was Taco Tuesday, I stopped by Chipotle for dinner.
Wednesday: One Boston Day
It’s comforting to know that coffee needs me, too.
The best way I know to honor One Boston Day, is to run.
Kismet…My New Balance Fresh Foam Zante: Boston Edition arrived!
And finally, some random musings…
I received an email from Nike with their new clothes.  What do you think of these Hammer-esque capris?!  I feel like this style should stay in the 80’s.
KINDa like a candy BAR…Kind Bars were all over the news.  READ HERE .  Thoughts?
Had you heard the story of the dogwood before?
What do you think about the Nike MC Hammer pants?
Do you love Kind Bars?  We always have a few in our house.
Did you do a speed workout this week?

29 thoughts on “Run Fastah

  1. That sweet boy! I LOVE what you’re doing with St.Jude! I eat KIND bars a lot. And I’m still healthy! It’s like my “candy bar” treat except better for me. If the FDA can regulate certain sugary cereals as “healthy” then it’s like c’mon…anyways. No, I hadn’t heard of the dogwood story. So cool! Love your new shoes! I hope they make you run fasta. 😉 I did a sorta speed tempo thing yesterday but kept it mostly chill. Those pants…I just don’t know lol

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  2. I love the dogwood story; I’ve heard it before, but it is always a good reminder!

    Hammer pants = bad. They shouldn’t be brought back.

    I like KIND bars, but I have nut allergies, so there are only a couple kinds I can actually have! It’s the same issue I have with Picky Bars!

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  3. Okay, while I think the “Hammer” pants are kind of cute, they definitely would not work for me because that’s where I carry all of my “curves,” if you will – ha! I’m pretty sure I would look ridiculous in those. Also, I did hear about the KIND bars issue and I think it’s unfortunate that they are being targeted when there are so many other truly unhealthy packaged foods on the market that make some pretty ridiculous claims. Don’t get me on my soap box, Jen! 😉 I love KIND bars! One day to go, girlfriend…YAAAAAAAY! On to Boston!!

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  4. I agree with you on the Nike hammer pants. They need to stay in the 80s. I would think they would be hard to exercise in. LOVE the look of the Fresh Foam Boston Zantes. Wicked awesome!I have been wanting to try the Zantes. I need to go and try a pair on. Do they have a lot of cushion? I see you are doing the CMM marathon too. Two marathons in 5 days? You are a beast woman 🙂 Have a great trip and race in Boston!

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  5. Ian seems like such an awesome and sweet little boy- lucky you for getting to work with him!

    I LOVE your Boston shoes- those are fabulous!

    As far as KIND bars are concerned, I’m a big fan. They are delicious snacks that I enjoy in moderation as they leave me feeling full and give me some energy without all the fillers and preservatives that you find in other snack bars. I realize they are higher in fat, but I don’t consider that an issue because I feel the dark chocolate/nuts is better fat that some choices out there. That being said, like any higher fat snack, they shouldn’t be replacing other HEALTH snacks, like an apple or some plain roasted nuts. Everything in moderation, right??

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  6. Is it weird that I’m all excited about you running Boston?
    What a sweet little boy. I made a donation and will be with you in spirit–perhaps from the spirit of my couch, but still!
    GO AWAY HAMMER PANTS. They were wrong in the 80s, and we should learn from the errors of our past.

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  7. I knew you were running CMM from reading your posts but I had no idea that it is within a few days of running Boston! You are amazing and you WILL do great.

    I don’t like Kind Bars. I LOVE all nut/seed butter and eat it in some form every day but I don’t like eating whole nuts. They get stuck in my teeth. I’m strange 🙂

    could ramble about how the heck a word (healthy) can be regulated … maybe it could be left up to consumers to read the already-standardized nutrition label? Ah well 🙂 KIND could look up “healthy” in the thesaurus and start using that instead!

    Hammer pants – I’m torn. I have a pair of Athleta hammer-like capris and they are SO comfortable. But the look is not and never has been good. Ha!

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  8. I love your Boston shirt! I think I need one… 😉
    Kind bars are yummy. I think my favorite is the dark chocolate cherry almond one.
    And finally, Ian is adorable. St. Jude’s is a wonderful organization!

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  9. You are Boston ready girlfriend! Love the NBs Boston edition. I can’t wait to read about your experience! I don’t know what kind of activity those MC Hammer Nike pants are for?! Haha!

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  10. I can’t say I’m a fan of those pants…I prefer tights and shorts that stay close to my body. Those look like a track disaster waiting to happen. And I feel like I might be ostracized for saying this, but I don’t really like Kind bars either. I prefer the texture of Lara bars or Picky bars better, I guess.

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