CMM Expo & Pasta Party!

It’s been a week full of Boston Marathon recovery and excitement in Nashville for the Country Music Marathon and 1/2 Marathon!
Wednesday: Earth Day!
I wasn’t ready to run, so it seemed fitting to spend Earth Day walking around Radnor Lake.
I joined the Brentwood Breakfast Club to celebrate Gail’s Birthday!
And, with equal parts excitment and fear, I went for a sports massage at Franklin Massage.  It definitely hurt, but not near as badly as I anticipated.
Afterwards, we headed downtown for the St. Jude Country Music Marathon expo!
I met up with Kevin Leathers from Can’t Stop Endurance for a little shakeout run before the race.  This was my first time running since Boston and it actually felt pretty good!!  Our picture made it onto the big screen at the expo!
And I got to meet and run with fellow Rock N Blogger George Melichar!
One of the cool parts of the CMM is that it starts and finishes in downtown Nashville.  We live in a suberb south of town and stay at the Omni every year so we can walk to and from the start.  I definitely recommend doing this so you can avoid race day traffic!
And the view of Nashville is beautiful from the hotel!
I’m running again this year as a St. Jude Hero.  A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone that has donated!!  One of the highlights is always the St. Jude Pasta Party!  Just look at the reception you receive when you arrive!!!
I got to sit with some of my Run 4 Others team!
It’s been a full week!  I’ve listened to my body, rested, and decided to run the 1/2 marathon.  Hopefully my body will agree with my decision!  My plan is to take it easy and have a lot of fun.  Thank you for all of your well wishes this week…they mean the world to me!!!
How’s everyone’s recovery going?  
Anyone else racing or running long this weekend?  Share!!
Did you do anything special for Earth Day?

23 thoughts on “CMM Expo & Pasta Party!

  1. Yes please take it easy. Maybe treat it like a 13 mile shakeout run? 🙂 I have had achilles pain in the past too and I think listening to the body is key. Okay that is my lecture – I just prefer when everyone stays healthy:) I hope you have fun and I look forard to reading about everything you are able to take in while not racing! I have been wanting to do this half marathon because I love country music 🙂

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  2. A bunch of my friends drove down to Nashville for this race this year, and I SOOO wanted to join them but had to work all weekend. I am so bummed, I could’ve met you in person!! Ran my long run of 17 miles yesterday slow and easy, and am looking forward to a nice walk later today as my legs are pretty stiff. Great job!!!

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