April Miles & 5 Reasons Why I Run

I started the day with my favorite crepe at the Perch….
And set out for a run.  I felt so good.  The weather was perfect and my legs wanted to run.  Unfortunately, I paid the price with a sore knee.  😦  I guess it was still too soon after the my races.  I’m trying my best to rest, but it’s SO tough for me.
Orange Theory Fitness with Corrie that evening.
Every day should be Pay It Forward Day!
I was so happy to see my Brentwood Breakfast Club friends and we got to celebrate Russ’ birthday!
Getting grown-ups to wear silly party hats never gets old!
I was tagged by Jess at Flying Feet in Faith to list 5 Reasons Why I Run:
1.  Friendships!!  The picture above proves that!
2.  Health
3.  Travel.  I love to explore new cities on foot.
4.  Goals.  I feel lost when I don’t have a goal race to train for.  I think it’s important to push to be my best self.
5.  Joy…duh!  Running and the endorphins make me happy.  🙂
Dinner confessional: I cheated on Chipotle with Moe’s…which we have re-named Slows.
I was feeling crappy about myself.  Low self-esteem days are the worst.  This helped.
My knee was still sore from my over-zealous run on Wednesday so I opted for the spin bike.  It’s proof that I do take it easy sometimes.
It was 70 degrees and sunny in Nashville.  The pockets on this skirt rock!
This How-Old.net thing was floating around social media.  You upload your picture and it guesses your age….highly scietntific.  P.S.  I’m actually 34.
And…another month is in the books.  April miles: 328 YTD: 1,228
How close was How-Old.net to your actual age?
What are your reasons for running?
Do you struggle with rest after races or do you embrace the recovery?
What are your weekend plans?

36 thoughts on “April Miles & 5 Reasons Why I Run

  1. I totally struggle with rest post races. My legs are like why are we not moving?! I also tend to get real down on myself too with self esteem and body issues too… So I totally feel you big time. Getting on the elliptical helps some. Running is our endorphins release so it’s natural to get down easier I think when we can’t. So the elliptical helps. A little 🙂 I LOVE that quote by Mother Teresa. Needed that. Haven’t done that age thing though so I have no clue lol

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  2. I lI’ve that skirt. Where is it from? Hoping to try a orange fitness class too. I ran a marathon last Saturday, and trying to force somecrest, but the weather is finally perfect in Chicago. Have a great weekend.

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  3. LOL last night my BF and I were playing with the How-Old.net thing. First we had a contest to see who could look the youngest (me at 24- I’m only 25…boo) and then we did the oldest. If you make super weird faces and get wrinkly, it makes you older haha. He got like 73 or something like that!

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  4. That “how old” thing was stupid! Mainly because it was way off. 😦

    I love to run because I feel fortunate that I can. My mom has rheumatoid arthritis and will never be able to experience the joy of running- I run for her.

    Weekend plans: Tampa RiverFest today and a running-buddy run tomorrow.

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  5. I run to feel happy and strong and for some good “me” time.

    This weekend I’m seeing some friends and working. Blah. What’s your next race?

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  6. I’m so with you on the struggle to rest, although I have a super-sore shoulder to contend with his time around so I find my mojo quite low! I was so heart-broken with my Boston since this shoulder injury happened so close to the race (6 days before)..all that tough training I did for a fast (for me!) marathon, and then I had to run conservatively to protect my shoulder. Why couldn’t I have slipped in the bathroom and landed awkwardly on my arm AFTER Boston?! Ah well. I’m consoling myself with itty bitty baby runs (3-4 milers) and baking cupcakes with loads of frosting :)…this too shall pass. Hope that knee settles down…ice, ice, and ice some more! x

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    • I’m typing this with an ice pack on my knee! Your timing was impeccable. I’m so sorry your fall had such terrible timing but in glad you’re back running…even if they are baby runs. And, cupcakes make everything better!!!


  7. Ha, that how-old.net thing was nuts. My age changed with the 3 pics I tried. LOL
    I do struggle with resting enough after races. I like to get back to my running within 2-3 days tops and since I never take it easy enough, it’s not enough recovery. Ran my last marathon in February and then did a 15k about 28 days later…boy was that a rough race for me. Just didn’t allow myself enough rest time after the marathon. We runners are crazy and tend to dislike rest.

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  8. I absolutely struggle with taking time off after races, but after getting injured from taking no time off, I’m more willing to sacrifice a few days instead of a few months. I try to make myself look at the big picture and overall health. As for the weekend…my husband and I loved our trip to Nashville! I agree that the weather was absolutely gorgeous. You live in a fun city!

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  9. I ran in the Wings for Life World Run today (it was awesome!). I run because it makes me truly happy. I have become a better version of myself since I started running. I have more self confidence, I don’t get as sad or upset as I used to, I’ve made an amazing number of friends, and I’m much healthier. Running saved my life in many ways 🙂

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  10. I had Moe’s this weekend too! Only because chipotle was too out of the way and we drove right past it… It’s good but definitely not the same!

    My age was 13 in one picture and 30 in another… I’m 25. So I was not happy about either of those haha. Love the skirt outfit!! Pockets on dresses and skirts are the best.

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  11. I love the Mother Theresa meme. Also– no need to feel badly about yourself, after all the app guessed that you’re 2 years younger than you really are!!! 🙂 It’s a fine line that those of us who are so dedicated to endurance sports walk in terms of taking care of ourselves and eating. Running helped me from falling in to disordered eating and I continue to do it to make sure the bad voices in my head shut up. 🙂 Take care of yourself!!!

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  12. Hey, chica! You’re doing great, just hang in there! I can “enjoy” recovery for about 2-3 days and that’s it; after that, I’m ready to get back on the road. This is one of the things that prevents me from running more marathons; I do NOT like the recovery time. I tried several different pictures on the how-old.net scanner and the consensus seems to be 37-38, which is great since I’m almost 40 – ha!

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  13. Running helps me to relax and destress. Not being active in some way bothers me, and running happens to be my favorite! Don’t worry about the recovery, you’ll get back to it soon! I used to struggle more with the recovery, now I just realize it is part of it and the more I relax and rest my body, the better it will be when I get back to running. Sometimes that is a couple days, sometimes its a few weeks. Definitely depends on the race, but ones with hills (like Boston) will take a bit longer for me!

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