LA Day 3: Cinco de Mayo

Tuesday: Cinco de Mayo!
We started the day with a run all over Runyon Canyon.  I never really saw any trail maps or markers, so we just ran up and over and around.  If a path looked like fun, we took it.  There were some great climbs and fun downs.
We ended up at a different park entrance from where we started, but it was perfect because we extended our run through Hollywood to check out the touristy spots.  I had to stop for this star…sending good mojo to BB King.
When we were tired of running, we used the Uber app to get back to the hotel.  In LA, they have a carpool option and you can get just about anywhere for $5!  And, it saved me from having to navigate LA traffic!
Breakfast of champions!
I went to the gym for weights and core.
After yesterday’s acai bowl, I was craving another and found a juice spot by my hotel.
I headed over to Robertson Blvd and the Beverly Center to do some shopping.
And picked up an afternoon coffee.  🙂
We joined in the Cinco de May festivities and had mexican for dinner.
It’s our last night in LA, so we finished off the night with cupcakes from Sprinkles.  Red velvet for him and strawberry for her.
Do you use Uber or another car service?  
Did you do anything to celebrate Cinco de Mayo?
Frosting or cake?  I’m a big frosting lover and usually don’t even eat the bottom half of my cupcake.

39 thoughts on “LA Day 3: Cinco de Mayo

  1. I live and work walking distance to Robertson and the Beverly Center! Did you know you can get a SHOT OF FROSTING at sprinkles?? Without the cupcake…I’m totally a frosting girl!! And seriously, if you have time in the morning, a trip to LA for a runner would not be complete without a run through Temescal Canon which is between Santa Monica and Malibu …otherwise you’ll have to make another trip to LA

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    • I will definitely have to do the extra frosting shot next time…thanks for the tip!! I’ll have to visit temescal next time. We have an ungodly early flight in the morning. There weren’t enough hours in this trip!

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  2. Awesome, you had cupcakes! You and I would be good cupcake partners. Frosting is my favorite part and I love strawberries! I used a car service when I did the Womens Nike marathon in San Francisco. It was really nice not to have to navigate those hills out there.

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  3. I break the bottom half off the cupcake and eat that first (if its good cake, if its not, then I don’t eat it), but the top half with the frosting is the best part!

    Enjoy your last day in LA!

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  4. Yes, I blogged about our particular Cinco de Mayo festivities. I’m feeling the effects as I sit here typing this, sipping on my coffee. Hehehe. I pick all the frosting OFF my cupcakes. And I once saw BB King in concert! About 20 years ago, but still cool.

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  5. I’ve actually used Uber a couple times when I’ve cramped during a run, which was perfect since I didn’t have any cash! I also love frosting, as it is usually my favorite part of any dessert, but I LOVE red velvet cake.

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  6. I have not used Uber before but have friends and clients who have. All positive experiences! What a great concept.

    No Cinco de Mayo festivities for me 😦 worked a long day including dinner at work.

    I am more of a cake fan with a taste of icing. But I do love cream cheese frosting!

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  7. Frosting is my favorite, as long as it’s GOOD frosting. For Cinco de Mayo my husband, brother-in-law, and I went out for guac, tacos, and Dos Equis – all sooo good!

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  8. what a fun time 🙂
    cake all day for me, I only like a small layer of frosting. it’s just too much for me. lol
    Uber sounds awesome.! I don’t think we have it here though

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  9. I often go out for Taco Tuesday but I couldn’t bring myself to do it yesterday because I knew all the taco places would be wayyy to crowded due to Cinco de Mayo falling on the same day. As awesome as it is that they coincided, there are some drawbacks to that as well. I went to Olive Garden instead! haha

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