The Friday Five

1.  Essie Luxeffects in Rock at the Top.  I love the gold sparkle on my nails!
2.  Nashville native, Reese Witherspoon has started a new lifestyle brand, Draper James.
3.  GEFU Spiralizer.  I LOVE making zoodles (zucchini noodles)!
4.  Coola Mineral Sunscreen and BB Cream.  I don’t wear foundation, but love this sunscreen with a hint of coverage from Coola.
5.  We lovingly refer to Whole Foods as ‘Whole Paycheck’ in our house.  In an effort to make healthy, organic food more accessible, Whole Foods is opening a separate chain of lower-priced stores aimed at Millennials. CLICK HERE to read the full article from USA Today.
Happy Friday and CHOOSE JOY!

25 thoughts on “The Friday Five

  1. Glitter nail polish is always a good idea. Life’s too short to not enjoy the little things. I’m interested to see how this whole foods store pans out!

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  2. It is probably good that we don’t have a Whole Foods nearby because we would spend our whole paychecks there too! Interesting idea, I hope it works out!

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  3. So I love love love all of the Essie sparkle nail colors, but getting the sparkle off with just nail polish remover is the biggest pain!! Do you have any tips for easy removal?? Also, I can’t go into Whole Foods and spend less than $100… it’s actually impossible.

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  4. Zucchini noodles are one of my favorites – although I go “old school” and just use a veggie peeler – although I have a gadget from Native Spring in the drawer that I have yet to try. Spaghetti squash also a fav! I make a Puttanesca-like sauce with simmered tomatoes and olives, then sprinkle with parm cheese – sooo good. I love your recipes! I have been vegetarian for over 30 years – but I am a little lazy about cooking sometimes and eat way to many salads!

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  5. While that gold glitter polish looks super cute, I know I would just end up making a horrible mess.

    That spiralizer looks awesome! How have I not seen that before?!

    And cheaper Whole Foods stores?! Yes please!

    Happy Friday!

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