The Friday Five

1.  When I was in LA, I ate my weight in acai and pitaya bowls.  When I got home, I did a little research and placed an order with Pitaya Plus.  Here is my first attempt.  It was SO good!
They arrive frozen in single serving packs…just blend and add toppings.
2.  I realized this week, that I have been buying Aloha Orchid candles for at least 10 years.  It’s safe to say that I love this scent of orchids, jasmine, and gardenia.
And, now you can buy them in beautiful mercury glass.
3.  I just finished reading The Girl on the Train.  When there’s a lot of hype around a book I get nervous to read it, but I loved it!
4.  The Kinvara 5 was my favorite shoe ever.  Thankfully the Saucony Kinvara 6 is just as awesome!
5.  Garmin announced their new Forerunner 225.  It has all of the great features of their other GPS watches, plus a built heart rate monitor (no more chest strap!) and activity tracking (steps, calories, sleep, vibration alert when you’ve been sitting for too long).  They’re taking pre-orders right now.  Click HERE to read a thorough review.
Happy Friday and Choose Joy!!! 

35 thoughts on “The Friday Five

  1. Those pitaya bowls looks so incredibly yummy !! Something different for a change. I read The Girl on the Train in March because i wanted a good quick read on the plane to my sisters wedding. It was a page turner! I Enjoy reading your blog Jenn …Congrats again on a wonderful accomplishment of the Boston Marathon & the CMM race a week later !!!

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  2. I’m kind of excited about the new Garmin! I still have a scar from where the heart rate monitor rubbed during a run and gave me a horrible cut/blister. It wasn’t fun!

    I’ve heard alot of good things about The Girl on The Train, I’ve got it on my list to read this summer! Have a great weekend Jen!

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  3. Jen, I love Aloha candles, too! I really want to try one of their diffusers and see how effective it is, just for a little bit of added fragrance. Thanks for the link to the Pitaya packets; that sounds like such a fun (and easy!) option, so I may have to order some of those. Um, the new Garmin…yeah. I’m just going to leave it at that for now. I haven’t tried my new Kinvaras yet; it’s been so wet and nasty this week and they’re so pretty – ha! I think I’ll try them at the track next week. Hope you have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend, Jen!

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  4. Thanks for letting us know about the Acai packets! It’s hard to find them around me and they’re so expensive. $2.50 each for the 16 pack isn’t too bad! And I also loved Girl on the Train…really great twists and turns and I loved the change of narrators and timelines!

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  5. Love, love, love yr blog. Quick question about your the Garmin you use (I think it’s the 620). Does it have a built in heart rate monitor or do u have to have a chest strap?

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  6. Ohhhhhhhh a new Garmin making the heart rate strap a thing of the past … 😀 😀 … you just know how to make my heart go pitter pat Jen haha!! lol 🙂

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  7. That new Garmin looks fantastic!!! I probably won’t get it anytime soon but will add it to my next birthday/Christmas list for sure 😉
    The Kinvara 5 is my favorite!!! I’m excited to eventually try the 6 as well (some of the colors are awesome!) but I’m taking advantage of the price drop in the 5 now since it’s the old version hehe.

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