My husband left me…at the beach. 

I hope you had a very Happy National Running Day!!!!  I loved reading everyone posts about why they run…so inspiring!

Annie at pointed out that I never explained where 30A is…oops!  I’ve been hanging out on the Florida panhandle.  Scenic highway 30a is between Panama City and Destin.  It’s comprised of a bunch of little beach towns.


The sunrise was gorgeous!!

Jason and I went swimming in the ocean (aka nature’s shower) after our run.

All washed up!  This was my not-so-graceful exit from the ocean.  Big thanks to Jason for catching this gem!

We went back to the Fish Out Of Water patio for breakfast.  They have THE BEST french toast that I’ve ever head in my life.  If you’re on 30A, you must try it.  I’m going to recreate it when I get home!

Then the leaving part…We were supposed to check out and head home, but I wasn’t ready.  Jason needed to get back for work, so he left and I stayed.  I seriously have the greatest husband!

Post-breakfast pool time!

Bike ride…

Lunch at Raw and Juicy (green smoothie, chia pudding, and coconut macaroons!)

Shopping in Seaside

Balcony coffee time.

Random dinner (salad, sweet potato fries, and fried green tomatoes) on the Great Southern patio

A big perk to staying at the Watercolor Inn: They deliver cookies to your room every night during turn down service…yum!

And, I totally forgot to post our turtle rescue from a couple of days ago.  Jason decided to shoot a play-by-play.  Look how big he/she is…so cool!!!

Do you ever just order random items off the menu that don’t go together?  Sometimes I just want what I want.

Do you have a sweet tooth before bed?  Those cookies don’t stand a chance with me.  They’re gone in a minute.

Rank in order of your favorite to least favorite…french toast, pancakes, waffles.  For me, it’s waffles, french toast, and then pancakes.  (Except with this french toast.  It always wins!)


42 thoughts on “My husband left me…at the beach. 

  1. First, that part of Florida is simply STUNNING. I’ve been to Florida countless times, yet never there. This is changing. Second, TURTLE SAVE! I just did the same but didn’t have as lovely of a turtle. Mine was a giant snapper who was pissed. I also didn’t look anywhere near as fabulous doing so. I was sweating. On my bike. Third, waffles, French toast, pancakes! For sure! 🙂

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  2. I order the most random concoctions when out to breakfast, a little of this ,a little of that, oh and yeah one of those. LOL
    I have a sweet tooth after dinner. Usually it can be kept at by til about 8:00 pm when I have my nightly apple slices and pb. (It’s good for my soul) 🙂
    I’d have to say french toast, pancakes and then waffles. (all GF ) can I be honest…I’ve never had waffles!!
    Enjoy that picturesque vacation!!

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  3. I’m glad you stayed because I’m loving all of your vacation pics!! What camera do you use for your running pics and in the ocean? They look so great!

    I’ve saved turtles before, but nothing that huge!! That’s amazing. French toast is my absolute favorite breakfast food and yours looks delicious!!


  4. Waffles first, then its a toss up between pancakes and french toast. I like french toast when it is crispy, too many times you get it and its just kinda soggy in the middle. No good.

    Nothing wrong with ordering what you want from a restaurant menu – get what you like!

    I usually crave salt during the day but after dinner I always like something sweet, even if it is fruit, but I have to end on a sweet note.

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  5. Okay, first things first…waffles, french toast and pancakes. I’m not a huge pancake fan, but they are good for post-run re-carbing, I guess! I love turtles; what is it about them that seems so cute? I’m so glad y’all were able to capture this moment; such fun! So…you’re living the bachelorette life in Florida, then, are you? 😉 Have a blast, Jen!

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  6. I love browsing beach town stores… many cute little gems that you don’t really need but need at the same time….I find it a great opportunity to buy things to have on hand when I need to give a little gift to a girlfriend…..and pancakes, french toast, then waffles…so in that we are opposite:)

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  7. I am living vicariously through you this week on your beautiful getaway! A year ago this week we were in Punta Cana so I am definitely getting the vacation itch (well, not like it ever really goes away 😉 )
    I sometimes have a sweet tooth before bed. Those cookies look delicious!
    My order- waffles, French toast, pancakes.
    Enjoy your extra time there!!

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  8. My sweet tooth is forever present. Pretty sure if it was socially acceptable/not horrible for your health, I’d eat a medley of candy for breakfast, baked goods for lunch, and ice cream for dinner. I’d do really well in a world of Willy Wonka. I’m the queen of ordering the weirdest combination of foods. Usually because I’m so picky, I prefer to order a bunch of sides and a salad, than a huge meal. And it definitely goes: waffles, pancakes, French toast. Hope you enjoy the beach and soak up some extra rays for me! : )

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  9. That’s so sweet of your husband to let you have extra time at the beach!
    For me, it’s pancakes > french toast >waffles, but I do enjoy all of them.
    A salad and sweet potato fries actually sounds like a perfect meal to me. Not random at all!

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  10. Fun!!! That’s so cool that you were able to stay a bit longer!

    I often have random cravings. It’s not uncommon for me to order a blueberry waffle and a cheeseburger at dinner. 😉

    I have a sweet tooth before bed…and most other times during the day. Hehe!

    And, I gotta go: French toast, pancakes, waffles.

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  11. I was stationed in Ft. Walton Beach for a year, and it was by far one of the prettiest places I’ve lived. I don’t eat waffles, pancakes, or French toast anymore…I’ve been battling 8-10 lb weight gain since turning 40 so cut that sort of thing out of my diet.

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  12. I definitely have a sweet tooth for cookies too. Paradise Bakery( Panera) has these Lemon Zester cookies at this time of year. I buy two thinking I will save one for the next day but it NEVER happens. I always end up eating both. I had two yesterday since I was crazy and ran in 90 degree weather for National Running Day. I really wanted to do it outside and not inside. So that was my reward =-)
    I like the order you already had it in the question: French toast, pancakes then waffles.
    The pictures of your vacation spot look amazing! Definitely will have to get to that area one day.

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