The Friday Five

1.  Happy National Donut Day!!  Both Krispy Kreme and Dunkin’ Donuts are giving away free donuts.

2.  Coola Sport spf30 Pina Colada Sunscreen Spray.  It’s organic, vegan, cruelty-free, and you get to smell like a cocktail!

3.  I am loving the new Picky Bar flavor, Ah Fudge Nuts!

4.  I enjoy following Annie Jaffrey’s beauty vlog.  She recommended Pacifica Tahitian Gardenia perfume and I’m so glad I ordered a bottle.  Gardenia is one of my favorite scents, it’s 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and affordable.

5.  Every time I wear the Lacie shorts from Lilly Pulitzer, I get compliments.  Lilly just brought them back (they’ve been sold out for a while) and I made sure to order another back-up pair.  They’re also super comfortable with an elastic waist band.

Happy Friday and Choose Joy!!!

24 thoughts on “The Friday Five

  1. We are having donuts at work today! Woohoo! My best friend said her office has people bringing in donuts from all over the city so they can have a donut competition to see who has the best. I’m jealous!!

    I wish I could have the new Picky Bar flavor! Stupid nut allergy!

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  2. So cute! I think I’m going to have to get me a pair of those shorts : ) I’m super weird, and the only donuts I like are the mini powdered sugar donuts from Hostess that you get in the paper bag at a gas station… other donuts just don’t do it for me. Hope you have a fantastic day! : )

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  3. I am definitely partaking in national donut day. Not that I need an excuse or anything. 🙂 Sadly, I cannot eat the Picky Bars because most of them have walnuts and pecans. I wish they would create a flavor just for me sans these ingredients!

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  4. Those shorts are so cute! And you saying they are comfy makes me want them even more.
    I’m so celebrating National Donut Day. Donuts are my current favorite dessert.
    Hope you have a fantastic Friday!

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  5. Hey Jen I read your blog and follow you on IG. I love everything you post and you are such an inspiration. I am a mother of 4 and full time nurse and PiYo instruction and runner. Most I’ve ran at one time is only 5 miles (getting there!) I’m a work in progress. So I have a few question if you have the time to help me out. I’ve been running in Brooks for the past year. ( started with Ravenna then now Ghost) I love them. But just recently purchased saucony kinvara 5. Question : do they fit true to size with you? They feel fine without socks or very thin socks. Some of my running socks are too thick and makes them feel tighter. Do you ever run in them without socks? I’m a size 8 and usually order 8 in all shoes. Wondering if I need to go a 1/2 size up. Also I’m sooo bummed I missed the Garmen give away 😦 I’ve been using a polar watch for time. But don’t really love it. What’s the difference in the Garmen watch in the give away and the bigger Garmen you are using now? I’ve looked at them. And the cost is expensive. But I’m really wanting to step up my running game. Thanks you so much. Don’t mean to ramble on. But would like the opinion of a professional like you ! 👍

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    • I go up a half size in my Kinvaras. My favorite socks are the swiftwick zero. The giveaway was a basic forerunner. It gives distance and pace. Mine has is the 620. It also gives cadence, overall and current pace, heart rate, vo2 max, etc…I don’t use all of its features. It’s smarter than me! All of the Garmin forerunners are great. Let me know how I can help further!😊


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