Weekend Wrap-Up: Franklin Half Marathon


The Franklin Half Marathon (that’s actually run in Leiper’s Fork)

It was a steamy morning with lots of fog.  This is the parking field.

It’s a local race and so fun to meet up with my friends!

This definitely wasn’t a “goal” race for me and I used it as part of my training for the North Fork 50 later this month.  There was a little congestion at the start and it quickly thinned out.

This course is notoriously hot and hilly.  Every year I wonder why we run it!  I was soaked in sweat by the finish.

Temperature when I finished!


I think the 666 elevation gain is a sign!

I’m super proud of our group!!!!


  • Coffee and a Picky Bar at home.
  • Cocogo in my handheld during the race. Use code: JENCHOOSESJOY (all caps) for 10% off
  • 1 Gu at mile 8


  • It’s a local race with lots of friends!
  • It’s close to home, 2,000 runners, and logistically very easy.
  • Water-Bags on the course.
  • Encouraging and cheerful volunteers
  • Peach Truck Peaches at the finish line!


  • It’s hot and hilly.  Seriously, did I mention that it’s hot and hilly?
  • Because of the heat, they ran out of water at finish.
  • The porta potty lines were super long and folks resorted to peeing in the fields.
  • No towels or napkins at the finish.

That afternoon, I was a bum.  I made a big misto and watched McFarland (loved it)!

And ate entirely too many tortilla chips at dinner, because…salt!  Warm restaurant chips are heaven in a basket.


My ultra training called for back-to-back runs, so I met Corrie and CB at Percy Warner for a trail run!

It was another hot one and I inhaled a big bowl of mango at home.

Before our dinner reservation, we stopped to visit with sweet friends.  It’s always fun to see runners in “real clothes!” (Plus a photobomb by Mr. Huffman!)

And lastly a (blurry) toast to the end of full weekend…cheers!

Peak and Pit of your weekend?  Peak: After being out of town, I was so excited to catch-up with friends!  Pit: The heat kicked my arse!

Mangos: yay or nay?  I keep trying to love them, but they’re not my favorite.

Have you used the Water-Bags during a race?  Do you like them? I like them because it’s easier to drink and run at the same time AND I would use the bag on my neck to cool off.

Share your race or long run from the weekend?


53 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up: Franklin Half Marathon

  1. I’m in Italy….so peaks of my weekend have been running through Rome, eating and eating and eating carbs while drinking lots of wine….wine at restaurants here is much cheaper than at the states…..What I miss about the US?? COFFEE!! Yes, it’s good coffee here, but I’d have to get 6 larges here to equal a Starbucks grande….I know no one feels bad for me right now, but I really do miss a large coffee.

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  2. Congrats on the race! That looked super challenging – and then following it up with 2.5 hours the next day?? Superstar:)

    I’m the same with fresh mango- it almost makes my tongue sting?? Does that happen to you? Odd. I do sometimes like the dried (no added suger) – if you soak a slice of dried in hot water and let it sit, the mango flavors the water and the slice plumps up. Pretty tasty . Happy Monday!

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  3. You are a beast with all this elevation gain in the heat/humidity! Peak: painting my kitchen cabinets and having a stellar x-training sesh yesterday. Happy Monday!

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  4. You ran the Franklin 1/2 #likeaboss as usual. I’m just shocked we finished strong. Hands down, it was the toughest 1/2 I’ve ever done. I’m so glad you watched McFarland USA! It’s one of our favorite movies. Abby loves it!

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  5. I like the flavor of mangos alot, but the texture can throw me off a bit sometimes. That’s a HOT race! Yikes! I can see why they ran out of water! Peak of my weekend – getting some really good sleep! Pit – having to work on Saturday morning!

    Have a great Monday, Jen!

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  6. Congrats on the 1/2! You are a total beast!! 🙂
    -Peak:family vacation,Pit:family vacation over
    -I L.O.V.E mango’s!!! I eat dried mango’s on longer runs. I love to juice mango’s too (w spinach, delicious!)
    -My long run was on Sunday and it was 7 miles!! My longest run to date 🙂

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  7. I ran 10 miles on Saturday and the humidity was KILLER. I have a similar race I run the last weekend in June every year. It’s hot and hilly, and it doesn’t start until 830! Haha. But every year I go back and run it : ) Great job with your runs this weekend. Hope you have a fabulous Monday!!

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  8. Ugh, how do you maintain your pace in the heat/humidity?! I’m struggling with it in D.C. and I get so discouraged when I look at my Garmin and it’s a full minute or so slower than my normal pace.

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  9. Holy cow did you run that 2.5 hour run the day after your 1/2?! That is AMAZING!!!! My husband is training for his first 50 soon!!!! I have never heard of those water bags before…looks interesting! I am in MD and the humidity and heat are definitely a factor….although I like them a TON better than snow and ice 🙂

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  10. Peak was Saturday night dinner and cocktails with friends while watching the sunset over the lake. So beautiful! Pit was my soreness and tiredness Saturday and Sunday. My long run of 12 miles was tough but I got it done.
    I do like mangoes- they have to be ripe though otherwise I’m not much of a fan.
    Way to go with your hot and hilly half! That’s tough but you rocked it!

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  11. Congrats on a tough, hot, hilly race! It looked beautiful and it sounds like great training for what you have coming up.

    We watched McFarland last night–loved it!


  12. That sounds like a miserable! I had the opposite type of half this weekend- the course was completely flat and it was super windy. I’m used to running lots of hills so the flat kicked MY arse! lol! Your race was awesome though and that picture is fantastic!

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    • I know exactly what you mean!! I was so excited to run the Chicago marathon last year. I loved it, but I’ve never been that sore after a race. My body didn’t know how to handle the flat!


  13. Congrats on your race, chica; that is awesome! It was definitely hot and humid out there this weekend; I’m beginning to embrace it, as I always find myself trying to do at this time of year. My peak was definitely getting to enjoy the time outdoors, in the sunshine, since I spend my weekdays in a window-less office; my pit was probably not getting as much sleep as I should have – ha! I really love mangoes, but they are so messy and hard to cut up! I can’t wait to watch McFarland; we were going to rent it this weekend and decided we had too many other things to do. Soon!

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  14. Congrats on your strong finish on your race. Ugh, I know the Heat, Hills and Humidity running outside Atlanta. My neighborhood is very hilly so I feel like a slow turtle in the summer. I do my long run during the week so my weekends can be more with the family. I did an 8 mile hill run followed by an afternoon of Kayaking on our lake. Arm workout for sure. McFarland USA was a great movie. I took my kids (who both run cross country) to see it in the theater. We loved it.

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  15. That’s a hot race! It got almost that hot in Seattle this weekend and there was a heat advisory out. Great time especially considering the heat and the hills!
    Peak: walking around the sound in downtown Seattle and having some authentic German food.
    Pit: spending half of Saturday at the DMV for new resident stuff.

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  16. I am not a big fan of mango either. I always try it hoping I will like to more, but I just don’t!

    I have never heard of water bags! Interesting! I wonder if more races will start to use them?

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  17. I watched McFarland this weekend too!!! Great movie, those boys are incredible. Really motivated me to start my training for NYC Marathon 🙂 can’t wait!!! Haven’t used water bags but they seem cool (pun intended!). And champagne is ALWAYS the best 🙂

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  18. Those Water Bags are cool – never seen them before. Congrats on your great runs!

    Did a 20 mile walk this weekend. Weather was gorgeous, so that was a peak. Pit was that I hate walking. It’s long, boring, and holy crap did my knees hurt after, which never happens when I run.

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  19. Hot and hilly?! Yuck! 😉 Congrats on another strong finish!

    I always see you posting about your mango snacks; it’s refreshing to hear that you’re still not all that crazy about it. Being good is not always easy. I think I need to take a cue from you!

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