Lots of Fruit and Group Runs


I met up with friends for a 5:30 run and then added on a few more solo miles.

We loaded up our fridge with lots of fresh fruit over the weekend.  It’s so good after a hot run!

Super cool surprise from Jason…an iWatch!

And for dinner, I made roasted veggie and quinoa bowl with peanut sauce from My Veggie Chef.  I always keep a few of their dinners in my freezer for nights when we’re in a hurry at dinner time.

And, I wrote a blog about hot weather running (with a bunch of fun gif’s…of course)!

Track Tuesday:

Check out the sunrise.

I’m still taking it easier than usual on the track.  4.5 mile warmup, 400m repeats (400m recovery jog), and 1 mile cool down.  I think you can tell just how hot it was!

I hydrated afterwards with peach, raspberry, and lemon infused water.  It hit the spot!

I got my hair cut that afternoon.  I love when my stylist straightens my hair!

Restoration Hardware, let’s talk about your phone book sized catalog.  I love you, but it’s completely unnecessary!

In honor of Taco Tuesday…


I joined my sweet friends for a road/trail hybrid run through Percy Warner Park.  We logged another 1,000ft elevation gain.

I chowed down on the yummiest kiwi.

My iWatch definitely doesn’t replace my Garmin for running, but I’m really enjoying the fitness tracking features.

I stopped by Fleet Feet and picked up a new pair of Terra Kigers.  Aren’t they pretty?!  That will last for a few minutes on the trails!

For dinner, Jason and I tried the new Blaze Pizza.  Judging from the pizza bones, I think we liked it.

Is this a pet peeve for anyone else?

And a few outtakes from the track, because they’re always my favorite.  🙂

Who has an iWatch?  Thoughts?

What’s your favorite trail shoe?

What healthy foods do you try to keep stocked in your kitchen?  Obviously, I try to always have lots of fruit on hand!

Are you a pizza crust person or do you leave it behind?


55 thoughts on “Lots of Fruit and Group Runs

  1. We’ve been meaning to try the Blaze here in Louisville but just haven’t made it yet. It must be good! We also keep a ton of fruit on hand during the summer. After a hot run, my husband and I can easily take down a giant watermelon.

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  2. I’m with you on the use of “literally.” My biggest pet peeve, though is misusing apostrophes to make words plural.

    But…I’m not sure I can be friends with someone who doesn’t eat pizza crusts! On second thought, that would be fantastic because you could give them to me! Haha 🙂

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  3. I mentally correct people when they use ‘literally’ when something is definitely not meant literally!

    Yes to pizza crusts! My husband would go crazy if he saw those uneaten crusts! I’ve been hitting the fruit like crazy lately! Totally forgot that we were leaving town and bought too much! It would literally kill me if I had to throw it away! 😉

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  4. Oh fruit is a must in our home! That and the energy greens mix. How do you like the iwatch so far? So jealous of your week!! Looks amazing! Mine is rocking and rolling but too much work this week in the pharmacy is a bit of a drag. Getting used to the summer running weather a bit better though. I forgo the pizza crust. I like the goods in the middle!

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  5. Jen! Again, love the blog 🙂 look forward to reading everyday and love all the pictures. I wish I had a group of people to run with like you do, makes running a little more exciting once and a while to share it with someone… Also, please let us know if you like the watch. I am very curious about it!

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    • Thanks so much!! Running with friends really helps keep me motivated. The watch is a really fun toy. It doesn’t replace my Garmin, but I like the fitness tracking, getting emails and texts, and taking phone calls while driving.


  6. I always have frozen banana and fresh strawberries and green apples. Quick and easy snacks, and super refreshing post run! I LOVE pizza crust, it kills me seeing that picture haha.

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  7. I always have fruit, salad greens/spinach, almond milk, dates and almond butter on hand! I LOVE pizza crust and it hurts my heart when I see it left on a plate. I think I’m more annoyed when people use ‘your’ or ‘you’re’ incorrectly, as well as there/their/they’re. Drives me nuts!

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  8. I am definitely a fruit lover; my treat of choice has been cherries, lately. I only have one pair of trail shoes and they are Newtons; I love them! I do not have an iWatch and I don’t think I’ll be splurging on one; I’m kind of disappointed that you have to have your phone with you for it do track all of our running stuff. I want it to be smarter – ha! Um, I eat ALL the crust – ha! Hope you have a great day, Jen!!

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  9. Mmm that fruit looks amazing! I need to pick some up soon. Mango is my favorite and it’s SO good before or after a run! I could also go for some cherries 🙂

    I always leave my crust behind. Can’t stand it, but luckily Dan always finishes it for me 🙂

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  10. Love pizza crusts now, but didn’t when I was younger. That pizza looked great! Now I want some! I’ve been eyeing the apple watch but wasn’t sure if it was worth it or not since I’d mainly want to use it on my runs and didn’t know how accurate/good it would actually be. Keep us posted on how you’re liking it!!

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  11. Your hair is so pretty! Straight hair is one of the best parts of haircuts.
    I always eat my pizza crusts – I enjoy the crispy contrast to the rest of the pizza.
    I’m obsessed with summer fruit as well right now – peaches, blueberries, cherries, grapes, all of it. It’s so good!

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  12. I’m an odd one and I don’t like pizza! Never have really. Ah the Restoration Hardware catalog – got mine a couple weeks ago- agreed! SO unnecessary. Thank you for reminding me to log on or call to cancel it.

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  13. Hi Jen, I love your blog! If you want the full functionality of your Garmin on your iWatch, you can use ISmoothRun as an app. Once you have it on the iPhone, it download automatically on your watch. This morning is the first time I tried it out and it worked perfectly (laps, cadence, etc.) Maybe it helps! 😉 PS: I love your hair!

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  14. Those new shoes are so pretty!! I love new shoes. I am running in ON right now and I am in love:)
    Fruit is always stocked in our house, currently: apples( always), bananas, cherries (yum!), watermelon, grapes! I keep raspberries and strawberries on hand for topping on my mixed green salads:)

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  15. OMG. Both myself and a coworker received the RH catalogue and it’s totally ridiculous! If you need/are looking for furniture you go to the website, you don’t need to kill trees and waist money on printing and shipping for a book I immediately recycled.

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  16. I love all of the “action” shots that you post. How do you take those?! Forgive my ignorance, I’m new to this 🙂 I like to stay stocked up on greek yogurt & PB2. Major anxiety sets in if we are running “low” and immediately prompts a trip to the store!

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