Let’s Catch Up & I Need Some Altitude Advice!


I joined friends for 6 miles and added on 3 more solo miles.  I love following @runfoxxirun on Instagram.  Her handstands and cartwheels always make me smile, so these were dedicated to her!

I got a chance to wear my new We Run Social shirt…love it!  Of course I had to include a peace sign for the @pavementrunner!

We grilled our romaine salad

and the squash and zucchini from Dave’s garden!! (I’ll post recipes next week.)


Track Tuesday workout:
4.5 mile warmup
5 x 1200m (400m recovery jog)

I skipped the cool down to take Charlotte to the vet.  (Just a little update: We met with a neurologist and she goes back for an MRI next week.  Thank you SO much for all of your sweet words and prayers.)

I made the yummiest Watermelon Chia Chiller…recipe HERE!

I was out running errands and had to make a deposit at the bank.  I will forever be loyal to my bank because they give out warm cookies!!!!  (It’s completely normal to make financial decisions based on cookies.)

I worked on my blog from my front porch swing…not a bad “office!”  Yes, it’s 100 degrees outside, but it’s too cold inside because the A/C is constantly running.  (First world problem.)

For Taco Tuesday…

we had Chipotle for dinner.

For dessert, I made a cup of hot chocolate in my new Just Love Coffee mug.  I am loving our new coffee shop!!
Side note: Every time I buy a new mug Jason gives me a hard time.  I hate clutter but I might have developed a mug hoarding problem.


I met up with Kate, Jenn, and Corrie for a run through Percy Warner Park.  Ollie, Kate’s pup, joined us, too!!!

I stopped by the Juice Bar for a smoothie after our run.

I always get the same green smoothie, but my friend Gail rave’s about the Cocoa Banana.  I tried it today and it was the bomb.com!!!

I’m about to leave for Denver to run the North Fork 50…eek!!!  I’ve always struggled with altitude sickness, and this will be my first race at such a high altitude.  Everyone’s advice is to hydrate!  Peach infused water has been my jam!

You know what else is my jam?   Coconut Aminos.  I’ve been subbing it for soy sauce lately and love it!  Jason had a work dinner, so I had a avocado rolls! It has 65% less sodium and just a hint of sweetness.

Do you have too many coffee mugs?  

Do you get in a rut of ordering the same smoothie, coffee drink, etc…or do you regularly mix it up?

Any advice/tips for racing at a higher altitude?


40 thoughts on “Let’s Catch Up & I Need Some Altitude Advice!

  1. I’m the same with coffee mugs. I have a million but that doesn’t stop me from buying more of them when I see a cute one.

    I’ve never had any issues with altitude sickness or with altitude in general when racing (I’ve done about 5 marathons in Colorado). From what other people have told me, hydrate well and extra rest. Good luck with your race!!

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  2. Oh, that’s a fantastic mug! I’m curious about the no teeth thing though. Wouldn’t it be hard for someone with no teeth to talk and answer my question of what happened? My dad has had dentures for years and his party trick it to pop them out a bit and smile. It’s a classic move. And when I’d wake him up in the middle of the night, he made me giggle because he talked so funny without them!

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  3. Hahaha. Aziz is my absolute favorite. I saw him live in NYC last year – best show ever! I always order the same smoothies, usually because they’re so expensive I want to make sure it’s something I like! : )

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  4. I have never ordered a smoothie anywhere…I make them almost daily in the summer though. I don’t buy mugs, yet I swear they multiply in the cabinet at night! (They are also a popular gift from the gifts, and my mother in law!)
    Love your curly hair! What product do you use to fight frizz?

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  5. I love coffee mugs, too; they are now stuck in weird places all over the kitchen and, sadly, some of them may get the boot when it’s time to move. That just means I’ll have to buy more replacements afterward, though, right?!? 😉 From my limited experience, make sure you take it a little easier on yourself and be aware of any changes in the way you feel – you might need to take a little break for a minute to assess – and you’ll be fine; you’re going to do GREAT! You are so ready for this!

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  6. I have quite the collection of cute mugs too. In fact, I am sipping my coffee from a new one as I type this 😉
    I tend to stick to ordering the same things- coffee, smoothies, Chipotle, sushi…. I know what I like and tend to stick with it. There are times I may branch out but usually if someone recommends something new.
    Good luck at your race!! I have heard that same thing with running in higher altitude- hydrate!

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  7. I’m the same way with the air conditioning/heat thing! My co-workers make fun of me because I have to outside every few hours because I can’t feel my fingers I’m so cold! But you don’t want to turn off the air because it will be too warm inside. Life is hard. 🙂

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  8. You’re going to think I’m crazy, but I’m not a coffee drinker ;). This year I got into tea though and inherited a few of my great grandma’s tea cups and love them. But, I’m that way with water bottles instead of coffee cups. Cupboard FULL of them, and I still use the same 4 or so over and over again. Btw, those avocado rolls look divine! Yum!

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  9. Good luck with the race! I’ve heard hydration is important…along with slowing down if you feel unwell. On trails, that isn’t as hard as on the road. On an related note, I like to cook tempeh in coconut aminos and add it to steamed veggies.

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  10. I’m guilty of mug hoarding too… Every time I see a cute one I have to buy it, but you know what I use one every day so I might as well have a lot of them! Best of luck this weekend, I hope you don’t get sick and I can’t wait to hear all about it!!

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  11. I’m completely in touch with you about the “clear pee” feeling! And I love all coffee mugs! Good luck with your upcoming run. I’m wondering about your water infusion bottle….do you eat the fruit after you drink the water or just toss it away? I can’t decide if I should try this or not. My sister and I love your blog. You inspire us with all your running!

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  12. I have way to many coffee mugs! I collected them when I studied abroad and most of them serve as decoration now. Best of luck on your race! Whenever I travel to higher elevation I find lots of water is key, so it sounds like you’re well prepared!

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  13. -I love buying coffee mugs, but then tend to use the same ones. haha.
    -I always get the same smoothies and coffee. This is only because I have SO MANY food allergies it’s just easier to stick with what I know wont make me sick 😦
    -Good Luck at the 50 km!!! 🙂 So excited to hear about it!!!!!


  14. I have WAY too many coffee mugs, it’s definitely a problem! When my parents split up, I had to divide them all and I have about 30 mugs at my dad and probably over 30 here at my mums. I just started collecting them every time I travelled somewhere and now I have too many. Good luck at your race!!

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