Corrie’s 30 and My Race Goals

This seemed like an appropriate Friday post on my Instagram!

I met up with the birthday girl for a 3.0 mile shakeout run to kickoff her 30th birthday!

We joined our husbands for breakfast at Syrup.  I had the creme brûlée oatmeal with berries…yum!

Denver has the second largest REI and it was within walking distance of our hotel.  We had to visit!

I had a sweet tooth so we stopped by Milkbox.  I had the most delicious vegan rocky road ice cream!

Then we just chilled in the room for the afternoon.  A) We needed to rest a little for Saturday’s race.  B) The altitude has left me feeling really nauseous.

The rest of our crew made it into town and we all got together for dinner!!  I love these friends so much and I’m so excited to have this adventure with them!

Eat all of the carbs.

We have a 1 hour drive to Pine, Colorado in the morning, so I made sure to lay everything out the night before.  Basically it’s lots of Cocogo, Picky Bars, Gu, Banana bread for breakfast, extra Swiftwick socks, Garmin 620, and dry clothes for the finish.  I’m only doing one drop bag, but I get the chance to use it twice on the course.

Race outfit:

My Goals for the North Fork 50k:

  • Stick with Corrie for her first ultra.  She chose this race to celebrate her birthday and run her first 50k.  It’s all about her!
  • Run my first race at altitude.  I’ve always struggled with altitude sickness during ski trips.  Running a 50k should be a challenge, but I’m excited to see how it goes.
  • No vomiting during the race.  Anyone that has suffered from altitude sickness knows this struggle.
  • Enjoy the gorgeous scenery.
  • Have fun!!
  • Our group has agreed to not set a finish time goal.  It’s all about the adventure with friends!



Are you racing or running long this weekend?  Share!

Do you take advantage of mid-race drop bags or do you carry everything with you? 

19 thoughts on “Corrie’s 30 and My Race Goals

  1. The BEST of LUCK to you today!!! So excited for you and your whole team!!!
    -I have 10 miles to run Sunday.
    -I’ve been practicing with running with a few items with me, but can have a drop bag at my ultra. I don’t totally understand the “drop bag” when it’s talked about…

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    • They’ll take your drop bag to a designated aid station. It’s great to include the nutrition you’ll need for the back half of the race, dry socks, body glide, etc….What you don’t use, they’ll take to the finish line for you to pick up.


  2. Ooh! Good luck! I know you guys are going to do great, and make sure to have fun! I can’t wait to hear all about it!

    I hope to get into ultra-running within the next few years, and will definitely utilize drop-bags. I don’t like carrying my stuff with me now, and will actually plan out my routes around the water fountains, and my car so that I can stop for fuel, etc. Even though I love it, I kind of made the mistake of getting the 6 Plus; it’s giant and so hard to carry while running. I use a Flipbelt, and it irritates me. 😉 #firstworldproblems

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  3. Good luck and have fun today! If the nausea doesn’t go away, you should take a few swings of bottled oxygen–it’s worked wonders for all our visitors to 10,500 feet.

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