North Fork Race Photos!

First things first, I got a few more photos from the North Fork 50!!

These beautiful flowers were all over the course!

And I teared up AGAIN, when I saw this finish photo with Corrie!!!  Pure JOY!

Alright…back to real life!

Wednesday:   Muggy morning miles with awesome friends!

I took my Yeti to the smoothie shop so it wouldn’t melt so quickly.  It’s a thousand degrees in TN.

My new Hungry Runner Girl tank arrived!!  Caroline and I enjoyed some sunshine on the front porch.

The hubs is doing a juice cleanse this week.  Fun times in our house…lol!!


Follow your arrow wherever it points—>

I’m loving my joy tote from ED by Ellen!

We had an awesome group for this week’s Brentwood Breakfast Club!

It wouldn’t be BBC without breakfast.

Nashville is finally getting on the acai bowl bandwagon…woohoo!  This beauty is from Juice Bar.

My friend CB gave me a box of the new Skratch Cookie Mix, so I decided to bake cookies for the Fleet Feet Dirtbag Trail Mixer/Run.  The mix is really healthy.

Of course I added toffee and mini chocolate chips making it a little less healthy.  🙂

They turned out really well!

We had a great time!!

Except for my mosquito bites!


I hit the gym..10.10 miles on July 10th seemed fun!  Followed by a smoothie. 🙂

Have you seen the new chocolates at Starbucks?!!  This one is SO good!!!

Today is the last day to enter my PRO Compression GIVEAWAY on Instagram!  Find this image and follow the directions….it’s super simple!

Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, and Dark Chocolate…rank from best to worst! Dark, White, Milk

Do mosquitos eat you up?!

Tell me about your pet(s)!! 


35 thoughts on “North Fork Race Photos!

  1. I am terrible because I actually love white chocolate (the least healthiest). Ooops!! Those cookies look yummy. I think I am going to get my hubby a Yeti mug for his birthday next month. Your pic with Caroline is adorable. I have a Westie named Jack and he is my sidekick. I take him everywhere I can. He loves the sun also. Will sit outside forever even in this Atlanta heat!!

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  2. Those are awesome pictures from your 50 km!!!
    -dark, milk, and in a very distant 3rd white.
    -We are having a crazy mosquito season this year in MI!
    -We have two cats, Bella and Charlie. Charlie is my daughters cat and she does everything to her, carries her like a baby, puts clothes on her and Charlie doesn’t mind…best cat ever 🙂
    Have a wonderful weekend!

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  3. Milk, dark and then white for me!
    I also get eaten up by mosquitoes! Ugh. I’m not a big fan of the repellant sprays either so that doesn’t help. Its nice they have over options now that you don’t have to spray directly on your skin.
    I have a 9 year old Maltese named Milo. I got him when he was just 4 months old (and I was a sophomore in college). He has been through so much with me and I love him SO much!! He is still his spunky energetic self and an important part of our family 🙂

    Happy Saturday!!

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  4. I like milk chocolate the best. I’ve seen those chocolate bars at World Market and I’ve been eyeing the honeycomb one. Glad to hear you like it!
    The pictures from your race look incredible! I’m jealous of any trail running.
    Mosquitoes tend to eat my husband more than me (thankfully). Just add it to the reasons why I keep him around.
    I have two dogs who I love to pieces; a 2 year old dachshund/whippet mix and a 3 month old lab mix. I could not live without dogs.

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  5. Milk, dark, white. How are you smiling so huge in all of your race photos? Mine never turn out like that. I’m always looking like I’m half dead. I had a cat named “Steps” and he was obese, and he always slept on my treadmill. It was so ironic.

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  6. Dark, milk, white…so far not too many mosquitoes in Phoenix yet so no bites so far…I have a Pomeranian. His name is Disney. He is 12 1/2 years old. We adopted him from a shelter 6 1/2 years ago. He is so sweet and friendly. He is my fur son. He has traveled all over US with us. He has been to east coast and back in the car. Best little traveler.

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  7. Why does that candy bar look so good?!

    My chocolate rankings: milk, dark, white

    Mosquitoes love me! I guess I’m just sweet! I actually carry bug spray in my car and put it on whenever I’m going to be outside for more than a few minutes.

    I have a 3 year-old Weim. He’s a baby and is spoiled rotten! I miss my “big brother” Hayman everyday. We had to put him down in February and he was our first family dog.

    Have a great rest of your weekend! 🙂

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  8. Chocolate: milk, milk, milk… can this count? I also like the dark one but I can’t have it at night, it keeps me awake.
    I have a 10 year-old husky-pit mix with blue eyes. Unfortunately he had knee surgery this year (ligament and then, on the same leg, the meniscus) and now he is getting old for long runs in the heat. We love him very very much, he’s a sweetheart.
    Mosquitoes love me but it’s a one way relationship 😛 I started using a repellant from Zoe Organics for my runs and it works very well. It is an oil, so afterwards a shower is required, but at least there shouldn’t be any harsh chemical in it.
    Have a great weekend!

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  9. How long have you been jogging Jen?? I’ve been doing it off and on for years, but lately have been getting slack that “older people” (Im 30 soon) shouldn’t jog? apparently it will destroy your joints, but I’ve found mixed info on the web…would love to hear your experiences 🙂 thanks in advance! btw congrats on the 50! looks like you had a blast!

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    • First, 30 isn’t old…lol!!! I run with friends in their 60’s and they’re in incredible shape. It might be different for everyone, but I think running helps to keep me fit and young.


      • Okay thank you for your input!! I generally feel better when Im “on” jogging, but comin from a family riddled with medical issues, bad bones, and death my 70…It’s understandable why my family considers me older, and why I am concerned about possible health risks associated with my work outs. fingers crossed that I will continue to not share any of the same issues that they do. Have a great day Jen!

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  10. I love dark, then milk, then white. Actually I don’t really like white chocolate all that much. It seems too “fake” sweet.
    Mosquitoes know me. They track me. It’s like I have a target on my legs. I always use bug spray/sunscreen combo pretty much April thru September. I have only gotten about 5 bites this year, but I have been diligent with the bug spray and not forgotten it!
    I don’t have pets, but I do pet sit a lot, and both sides of our family has dogs, mostly wiener dogs! I do work with penguins at work, so that kinda counts!

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  11. That race looks like SO MUCH FUN! Nothing makes the heat and humidity a tiny bit more bearable like gorgeous scenery and a great atmosphere 🙂 trail racing always feels so right but the lure of new PRs brings me back to the road every time. #runnerproblems

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  12. I’m with ya on the chocolate ordering. The mosquitos are so bad here too. We have to cover up to go outside or we will get eaten up. I welp up just like you too, so that is no fun. Our golden retriever, Brooks, is our baby. He is so gentle and loves to swin and fetch. Goldens are great pets!

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