What was in my Sephora boxes?

I started the day with a crepe date at the Perch.
And met my friends at Percy Warner Park to run.  Unfortunately the park was still too icy, but we still managed run an 8 miler.
I stopped by Fleet Feet after our run to pickup my new Adidias Ultra Boosts!  I was itching to try out my new shoes, so instead of driving home I stopped for a 3 mile run.
For dinner, I made Glazed Cauliflower Wings…yum!
Fleet Feet and Adidas were kind enough to host an Adidas Boost Ultra Boost Demo Run (say that 10 times fast!) for the Brentwood Breakfast Club.
Runch Bonus Miles!
For dinner, we had Saladworks.  Stay tuned for a gift card GIVEAWAY!!!
The new season of House of Cards dropped on Netflix…bring on the binge watching!!!
It’s also National Chili Day!  Click the link for my favorite Vegetarian Quinoa Chili recipe.
Long run prep… (I swear there’s pasta in there somewhere!)
And, I posted earlier this week about the stack of boxes left on my front porch by UPS after the ice storm.  A bunch of folks asked what I had ordered from Sephora.  I’ve been wearing my hair naturally curly lately and need some products to tame the mane!
That’s it for now.  I hope you have a WONDERFUL WEEKEND!
What is your weekend running plan?  How many miles?  Racing?
Are you watching House of Cards?
Have you tried the new Adidas Ultra Boosts yet?

The Friday Five

1.  For the first time in my life, I have been battling dry, flaky skin on my face.  I have oily skin, so this has been a new challenge.  I was very skeptical of facial oils, but after lots of recommendations I finally gave them a try.  This BeautyCounter Face Oil has worked wonders for me!  I just add one drop of Lustro #3 Face Oil to my regular moisturizer twice a day and I’m happy to report that it hasn’t caused a single break-out and my flaky skin is under control!!

Here’s a great article on Facial Oils.


2.  Tis the season for juice cleanses…Sh*t Juicers Say cracked me up!

3.  Our sweet niece, Chelsea gave us monogrammed shoe tags as a Christmas gift.  My husband and I share the same initials and we now have matching lace pendants…such a thoughtful gift!!  Visit The Silver Loft’s Etsy store to order yours 🙂



4.  If you haven’t already tried the Sofritas at Chipotle, you’re missing out!  I add it to my taco salad and it’s SO good!!  BONUS: Order Sofritas on January 26th and get a free burrito!!  Read about it HERE.



5.  The oldest living member of the Grand Ole Opry, Little Jimmy Dickens, has passed away.  Click HERE to read an article about our Beloved Opry Member.



The New Normal

The new normal involves a lot of cross training!  Here’s a look at life lately.


I started the day with a Nespresso Soy Misto…


and Physical Therapy at Pro Motion.  ASTYM and taping are really helping my Achilles.



Gym, Stationary Bike, and PiYO Hardcore on the Floor


For dinner we had this Roasted Cauliflower and Mushroom Quinoa…yum!



Track with my friends!  I’m still not doing any speed work, but I did log a bunch of miles running in circles:)


I tuck the Hot Hands into my gloves.

Aren’t my orchids so pretty right now?!


Picked up some more of my favorite lip gloss.  I go through this stuff like crazy.



Crepe and coffee breakfast with Jason…and these woodland creatures:)



20 miles on the stationary bike…such a tough workout!


And, because I’m lifting a lot more…I finally bought some gloves.


I think it’s safe to say that I LOVE Mache Rosettes!


I received a Boston email…the perfect reminder of why I’m resting and letting my body heal!!!


And, for dinner I made a Roasted Vegetable Zoodle Stir-fry.  I’ll post the recipe shortly and you MUST make it.  Seriously…it’s SOOOO good and it’s healthy!!!



Oh…and I got this pic of Country Music Marathon Training Run!  If you’re in the Nashville area, there’s still time to sign up for the training program.  I’m so excited to run with this group:)


I hope you have a great day!!


Have you tried Zoodles yet?  (Zucchini Noodles)

Do you have a favorite type of lettuce or am I the only weirdo?! 

Do you have a go-to, daily lip gloss or lipstick?  Share!


The Time I Googled “How to Nap”

My body typically recovers pretty quickly from running.  However, I’ve had a nagging “cranky” Achilles that has continued to bother me for a few weeks.  Nothing like an injury to make me analyze my recovery strategy.  I’ve added the typical foam rolling, stretching, and PT, but the one thing I struggle with the most is REST.  I hate to sit still.  I’m a big time morning person (you can hate me now), but lately I’ve even been sleeping through my alarm.  It’s like my body is trying to tell me to get more rest.  So…I googled “how to nap.”


I can’t remember the last time I took a nap, but I do remember fighting them as a kid.


**Side note: If you google napping you will be inundated with pictures of cute kitten, puppies, and bunnies napping. If you need a smile, do it.



5 Reasons Why You Should Nap from Michael Hyatt

1.  A nap restores alertness. The National Sleep Foundation recommends a short nap of 20–30 minutes “for improved alertness and performance without leaving you feeling groggy or interfering with nighttime sleep.”

2.  A nap prevents burnout. In our always-on culture, we go, go, go. However, we were not meant to race without rest. Doing so leads to stress, frustration, and burnout. Taking a nap is like a system reboot. It relieves stress and gives you a fresh start.

3.  A nap heightens sensory perception. According to Dr. Sandra C. Mednick, author of Take a Nap, Change Your Life, napping can restore the sensitivity of sight, hearing, and taste. Napping also improves your creativity by relaxing your mind and allowing new associations to form in it.

4.  A nap reduces the risk of heart disease. Did you know those who take a midday siesta at least three times a week are 37 percent less likely to die of heart disease? Working men are 64 percent less likely! It’s true, according to a 2007 study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine. Dimitrios Trichopoulos, of the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, who led the study said, “Taking a nap could turn out to be an important weapon in the fight against coronary mortality.”

5.  A nap makes you more productive. Numerous medical studies have shown workers becoming increasingly unproductive as the day wears on. But a 2002 Harvard University study demonstrated a 30-minute nap boosted the performance of workers, returning their productivity to beginning-of-the-day levels.



Tips on How to Nap:

The first thing you should know is, feeling sleepy in the afternoon is normal. It doesn’t mean you had a big lunch, or that you’re depressed, or you’re not getting enough exercise. That’s just how animals’ cycles work — every 24 hours, we have two periods of intense sleepiness. One is typically in the wee hours of the night, from about 2am to 4am, and the other is around 10 hours later, between 1pm and 3pm. If you’re a night owl and wake up later in the morning, that afternoon sleepiness may come later; if you’re an early bird, it may come earlier. But it happens to everyone; we’re physiologically hardwired to nap.

Keep the air temperature 1-2 degrees cooler than usual.

Be consistent. Try to nap at the same time every day. This helps stabilize your circadian rhythms and maximize the benefits.

Keep it short. Avoid “sleep inertia,” that feeling of grogginess and disorientation that can come from awakening from a deep sleep. Set an alarm on your phone to avoid oversleeping.

Turn off the lights. Light acts as a cue for our bodies. Darkness communicates it is time to shut down—or go into standby mode. If you can’t turn off the lights, use a simple eye mask.

Use a blanket. When you sleep, your metabolism falls, your breathing rate slows, and your body temperature drops slightly. Though not imperative, you will usually be more comfortable if you use a light blanket when you nap.

Find a nice dark place where you can lie down. It takes about 50% longer to fall asleep sitting up (this is why red eye flights usually live up to their name), and be armed with a blanket; you don’t want to be chilly. You also don’t want to be too warm, which can lead to oversleeping.

White noise can help you fall asleep, especially during the day when construction crews, garbage trucks, barking dogs and other noisy awake-world things can conspire to destroy your nap. Keep a fan on, or turn on a nearby faucet for a pleasing rushing-river sound. (Just kidding about that last one.)

Don’t nap too close to bedtime, or you might not be able to fall asleep later. Remember, your inbuilt sleepy window is sometime in the early to mid-afternoon — try to nap then.

Wake up slowly. It will make you less cranky and get you motivated for the rest of the day.

Sometimes light can give you headaches after a light nap, try to gradually introduce your eyes to bright lights to avoid headaches.

Quit that silly job where they don’t let you take naps during the day.  And if you are at work, make sure nobody is watching you. Beware of the cameras and other people snooping on you.


So, how long should you nap?


I don’t think this thing would help!



Here is an interesting article on The Healing Power of Naps

And another about Napping After Running

So…are you a napper?  Is it a daily ritual?  So, I’m still not able to nap, but I have been setting aside 30 minutes to sit and relax.  Maybe this will lead to napping:)

Do you have any tips for napping?

What time do you typically go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning?  I try to fall asleep around 10:30 and wake up around 5-5:30am.


Fleet Feet Race Team and Some Crazy Skin Advice

First things first:  It’s Hug A Runner Day!


Please observe the proper etiquette…

I started off the day with a crepe date at The Perch,


and then headed over to Percy Warner Park to run the 11.2 mile loop with Malin and Laurie.  Their great company made the hilly miles fly by!



Aside from their great company, the coolest part of our run was getting to see the frost flowers!!  They’re so pretty and from what I read, they’re pretty rare.



I read this list: 25 Signs You Drink Too Much Wine.  My favorite: #4.  Olivia Pope is my spirit animal!


Thanks to Beth Meadows for that list!  Beth is a super fast runner, cool chick, and I love her blog: Ultra Marathon of Life.

Exciting News!!  I signed my contract to run on the Fleet Feet Racing Team for another year…woo hoo!  Roy also signed his contract today!!!  He has run a bazillion ultras and marathons.  I love these guys!!



To celebrate, I tried our new Saladworks for dinner.  Nothing says celebration like a salad…doh.  It just worked out that way.  Anyways, I do love a big as yo face salad and they didn’t disappoint.


Two thumbs up…I’ll definitely return!  The butternut squash soup was especially good:)


And now for some crazy skincare advice:  I visited my dermatologist this week.  I’m having trouble with chapped dry skin around my mouth and nose from running in the cold.  Her advice…Head & Shoulders Shampoo.  She said to massage the shampoo onto the dry areas, rinse and wash as usual.  Yes, I’m putting dandruff shampoo on my face…I’ll keep you posted on how this one works out!


Lastly, a little nugget of wisdom.  ALWAYS be kind to yourself!

Have you ever seen frost flowers?

What’s your favorite type of wine?  I especially love Champagne and Pinot Noir!

What are your go-to salad toppings?  I end up making a taco salad…beans, corn, tofu, tortilla chips, etc…

Do you have any dry skin advice?  Share!


20 Favorite Beauty Products

Here’s a list of my favorite beauty products. They all work great for my on-the-go lifestyle.  I splurge on some and shop at the drugstore for others.


1.  Nars Bronzing Powder in Laguna.  (I don’t wear foundation, but I like to dust on a little bronzer for color.)


2.  Nars Blush in Orgasm.  It’s the prettiest peachy-pink color with shimmer and it looks great on everyone.



3.  Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette (these eyeshadow colors are the perfect neutrals)


4.  Voluminous Million Lashes in Blackest Black (I’ve had strangers stop me to ask about my mascara…it’s L’Oreal from the drugstore!)


I always wear mascara!


5.  Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Perversion.  (It lasts all day.)


6.  Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner in Charcoal.


7.  Maison Martin Margiela Replica Beach Walk (my favorite everyday perfume)

8.  Tom Ford Black Orchid (my favorite date night perfume)



9.  Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Plumping Gloss in Candy Gloss.  I’m not a big lipstick person…this is the perfect sheer gloss.


10.  Anastasia Brow Pen Long Wearing Brow Tint in Universal Light (Anastasia knows how to make brow products.)


11.  Anastasia Brow Gel in Clear (After applying the tint…the gel hold it in place all day long)


12.  Murad Acne Treatment Concealer in Light.  Sadly I still need this, but it’s great at covering and treating a blemish at the same time.


13.  Neutrogena Healthy Skin 3 in 1 Concealer for Eyes Broad Spectrum SPF 20 in Buff.  (I’ve tried a bunch and keep coming back to this one.)


14.  Boscia Green Tea Blotting Linens (I have uber oily skin.  I have these papers stashed everywhere and they keep me from having to powder my nose.)


15.  Clinique All About Eyes Rich (This eye cream always gets rave reviews and lives up to the hype.)


16.  Neutrogena Clear Face Liquid Lotion Sunscreen SPF55 (PLEASE wear sunscreen everyday.  This was has never irritated my face or caused a breakout.)


17.  Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturizer SPF 35.  (Even with oily skin, I need a moisturizer.  I love this because it’s light and never greasy.)


18.  Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Correcting Hand Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 15 (My Nana says that a woman’s hands will reveal her age.  Hopefully this will keep my hands looking young!)


19.  Philosophy Unconditinal Love Firming Body Emulsion (It’s ultra-hydrating and firming with a lightly sweet scent.)


20.  Clarisonic Plus Sonic Skin Cleansing System has worked wonders for my skin!


***Also, let’s note the names of my makeup products: Naked, Perversion, Orgasm, Sexy Mother Pucker…who comes up with these names?!!

What’s your one beauty product that you can’t live without?  Mine’s mascara!

Do you wear makeup when you workout?  

Are you a lipstick person?  I wish I was.  It makes you look so put together.