LA Day 3: Cinco de Mayo

Tuesday: Cinco de Mayo!
We started the day with a run all over Runyon Canyon.  I never really saw any trail maps or markers, so we just ran up and over and around.  If a path looked like fun, we took it.  There were some great climbs and fun downs.
We ended up at a different park entrance from where we started, but it was perfect because we extended our run through Hollywood to check out the touristy spots.  I had to stop for this star…sending good mojo to BB King.
When we were tired of running, we used the Uber app to get back to the hotel.  In LA, they have a carpool option and you can get just about anywhere for $5!  And, it saved me from having to navigate LA traffic!
Breakfast of champions!
I went to the gym for weights and core.
After yesterday’s acai bowl, I was craving another and found a juice spot by my hotel.
I headed over to Robertson Blvd and the Beverly Center to do some shopping.
And picked up an afternoon coffee.  🙂
We joined in the Cinco de May festivities and had mexican for dinner.
It’s our last night in LA, so we finished off the night with cupcakes from Sprinkles.  Red velvet for him and strawberry for her.
Do you use Uber or another car service?  
Did you do anything to celebrate Cinco de Mayo?
Frosting or cake?  I’m a big frosting lover and usually don’t even eat the bottom half of my cupcake.

LA Day 2

Monday: Our second day in LA!
Happy Star Wars Day!  May the 4th be with you.  I seriously loved all of the geeky posts on social media!
We started the day with a runabout all over LA.  It’s my favorite way to explore a city.  I was really enjoying this downhill…LA has some legit hills!
Oatmeal breakfast afterwards.
Our hotel has a great gym, so I hit it up for some weights and core work.  I’m so speedy!
As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, this was a last minute trip for me with very little planning.  I did have one spot on my list, though.  Kimberly Snyder’s Glow Bio!  I am a huge fan of all of her books and make her Glowing Green Smoothie every morning.  Sadly she wasn’t there, but I LOVED my acai bowl and chia pudding.
After lunch, I went for a much needed pedicure.  I spent the entire time apologizing for my runner feet. 😦
Once Jason finished his last meeting, we met up for dinner at Katsuya.  My tofu salad and crispy brussels sprouts were incredible!
And, this might be the largest glass of champagne ever! No complaints here…cheers!
Runners: do you get pedicures?  How often and what’s do you prefer bold or natural colors?
Since I posted way too many food pics, what’s the best thing you ate?
Do you do more crunches or planks for your core work?  I’ve been trying to add more plank workouts because I favor crunches.

Weekend Wrap-Up: West Coast Edition

Saturday: Smile…it’s the weekend!
This was the first Saturday in 4 months that I didn’t have a Saturday long run obligation.  Guess what I did?  Woke up and got out to run at the crack of dawn.
Then we headed to the Girls On The Run 5k to volunteer at the Fleet Feet water stop…so much fun!
It was a gorgeous day so we took our bikes out for a spin through the park.  Pink beach cruiser with a basket…safe to say I’m not on my way to being a triathlete!
My kick-arse massage therapist, Robin Frazier, celebrated the 5 year anniversary of Franklin Massage with a fundraiser for Steps of Faith.  It was a huge success and fun party!
I’ve been working with Amy Dutton at Ah Ha Creative to redesign my blog (woo hoo!).  She sent me a congratulatory Boston mug.  How cool is that?!!
AND…Jason had a work trip to LA planned for the week.  I made a last minute decision to tag along for a little west coast R&R.
Airplane survival kit: Starbucks, fruit, and a travel mag
@natrunsfar ( sent me so many great Santa Monica recommendations, so we headed straight to the beach!
Shopped on the Promenade
Chowed down on some mexican food…
Followed by Froyo (aka my excuse to eat a cup of cookie dough and brownies)!
Who raced this weekend?  How did it go?!
What are your favorite froyo toppings?
Do you ever take last minute trips without a lot of planning?  I typically research and plan ahead of time.  This trip…not so much.