Track and a Pro Compression GIVEAWAY

***This post contains a Pro Compression Giveaway and a discount code to save 40% off your order!!***

Monday:  Fact…we meet to run at 5:30am on Mondays.  Fact…we start and finish at Starbucks.

I joined friends for 6 miles and added 3 more solo miles.

I had the yummiest post-run apricot!

Caroline thought I should be rubbing her belly instead of folding laundry.  She couldn’t be bothered to put her tongue in her mouth for her picture.

You guys!!!  I made a new chocolate banana nice cream.  It rocks my socks!  I’ll post the recipe soon!!  P.S.  I ate the entire batch and called it dinner.

I went to Fleet Feet for the Zooma Nashville course reveal run and party!

I joined these ladies for 3 miles, cupcakes, and champagne!   Use discount code: EMILY15 when you register HERE!!

I made sure to do my track prep before I went to bed.  Picky Bar, Gu, Cocogo (discount code: JENCHOOSESJOY all caps),and my splits.

Track Tuesday:

My workout…(spoiler alert: it kicked my butt)
4 mile warmup
9 x 400m (60 second recovery)  Goal: 1:37  Actual: 1:38, 1:37, 1:37, 1:36, 1:36, 1:37, 1:37, 1:38, 1:34
1 mile cool down
My legs were super heavy.  I could really tell that I ran a 50k 10 days ago.  I managed to hit most of my splits, but it was a LOT harder than it should have been.

I couldn’t wait to shower and put on my Pro Compression socks!!!!  I don’t run in compression socks, but I LOVE them for recovery!  They’re like a hug for tired, sore legs.

I used to wear compression sleeves for recovery.  Pro Compression helped me to understand why compression socks are the better option for recovery.  Read about it HERE!

Because Tuesdays are for Tacos!

We opted for vegan taco salads for dinner.  We even used Tofutti “sour cream” and liked it!!!


Prize: 1 pair of Marathon Socks or Sleeves of your choice for 1 lucky winner!  Winner will be randomly selected at 11:59pm CST on Saturday July 11.  Giveaway is open to US Residents ONLY.

To Enter: Visit my Instagram.  Follow @JenChoosesJoy and @ProCompression.  Tag 2 friends in my Instagram comments section.

BONUS: Everyone gets to save 40% off Marathon Socks and Sleeves with code PRO15 at!

This giveaway is sponsored by Pro Compression.  I was given product in exchange for this giveaway.  All opinions are my own.

Anyone else celebrate have tacos for Taco Tuesday?  What are your favorite toppings?  I love beans, corn, mushrooms, and tofu.

Have you tried Tofutti sour cream?  Thoughts?  We’re slowly tried to sub dairy products for vegan alternatives.

Do you run in compression socks or sleeves?  Do you use them for recovery?


Time Trials Are Fun & June Miles


We had to be at the Denver airport to fly home by 4am.   This pic sums it up.

Speaking of the airport, I posted a crazy mural from their baggage claim HERE.  You guys directed me to some super fun conspiracy theories about the Denver airport.  If you love conspiracy theories, you MUST read more about the Denver airport!

I was happy to find my favorite Umpqua Oats for breakfast!  Food and coffee made the early flight a lot better.

When we got home, we unpacked, picked up a smoothie, and I hit the gym for a recovery run.

Track Tuesday:  Time trials are fun…said no on ever.

We kicked off the Fleet Feet Summer Speed Sessions with a 1 mile time trial.

I went into this time trial with zero expectations.  Actually, I was amazed that I even felt up to attempting it.  I ran a 6:29.  Not my fastest time, but I’m super proud considering it was 3 days post-50k.

Also, I knew I was back in TN when I saw the morning humidity…eek!!

I went to Juice Bar for a Cocoa Banana Smoothie and I had a free one on my account…always a good day when that happens!

And, then I went for a much needed post-race/time trial sports massage with Robin Frazier at Franklin Massage Center.

For dinner I made Parmesan Roasted Cauliflower…yum!!!  Recipe coming soon.


Woke up to this….married life for the win.

I posted my North Fork 50 Race Recap!  Click HERE to read it if you haven’t already, or if you just really want to read it again. 😉

I wanted to do a nice and easy, FLAT run.  My sweet friends obliged and we got together for a great morning run.

Jenn baked rhubarb bars and brought me a couple.  They were SO good and perfect with a big mug of coffee!!

Another month is in the books!  I loved this months training for North Fork.  I felt strong, injury free, and really relaxed for every run.

June Miles: 344
YTD: 1,915

How was your June training?

What’s your next race?  Is it a goal race or a “just for fun” race?  My next race is the Cumberland Plateau Stage Race.  It’s a weekend of trail running with friends and we’re running it for fun.

What’s your favorite smoothie flavor?  I used to always get green smoothies, but lately I’ve been on a chocolate kick!


Let’s Catch Up & I Need Some Altitude Advice!


I joined friends for 6 miles and added on 3 more solo miles.  I love following @runfoxxirun on Instagram.  Her handstands and cartwheels always make me smile, so these were dedicated to her!

I got a chance to wear my new We Run Social shirt…love it!  Of course I had to include a peace sign for the @pavementrunner!

We grilled our romaine salad

and the squash and zucchini from Dave’s garden!! (I’ll post recipes next week.)


Track Tuesday workout:
4.5 mile warmup
5 x 1200m (400m recovery jog)

I skipped the cool down to take Charlotte to the vet.  (Just a little update: We met with a neurologist and she goes back for an MRI next week.  Thank you SO much for all of your sweet words and prayers.)

I made the yummiest Watermelon Chia Chiller…recipe HERE!

I was out running errands and had to make a deposit at the bank.  I will forever be loyal to my bank because they give out warm cookies!!!!  (It’s completely normal to make financial decisions based on cookies.)

I worked on my blog from my front porch swing…not a bad “office!”  Yes, it’s 100 degrees outside, but it’s too cold inside because the A/C is constantly running.  (First world problem.)

For Taco Tuesday…

we had Chipotle for dinner.

For dessert, I made a cup of hot chocolate in my new Just Love Coffee mug.  I am loving our new coffee shop!!
Side note: Every time I buy a new mug Jason gives me a hard time.  I hate clutter but I might have developed a mug hoarding problem.


I met up with Kate, Jenn, and Corrie for a run through Percy Warner Park.  Ollie, Kate’s pup, joined us, too!!!

I stopped by the Juice Bar for a smoothie after our run.

I always get the same green smoothie, but my friend Gail rave’s about the Cocoa Banana.  I tried it today and it was the!!!

I’m about to leave for Denver to run the North Fork 50…eek!!!  I’ve always struggled with altitude sickness, and this will be my first race at such a high altitude.  Everyone’s advice is to hydrate!  Peach infused water has been my jam!

You know what else is my jam?   Coconut Aminos.  I’ve been subbing it for soy sauce lately and love it!  Jason had a work dinner, so I had a avocado rolls! It has 65% less sodium and just a hint of sweetness.

Do you have too many coffee mugs?  

Do you get in a rut of ordering the same smoothie, coffee drink, etc…or do you regularly mix it up?

Any advice/tips for racing at a higher altitude?


The Russian is Back on the Track


6 early miles with friends and then 2 more solo.

Look at the goslings!

The temps are already so hot this year!

Watermelon really hits the spot!

I took some dresses to get hemmed.  Short person problems…

And met Jason for lunch.  Grilled portobello on top of a salad is so good!

My hair was crazy curly.  Just in case you had any doubt about humidity in TN…

I finally got to watch some of Orange is the New Black Season 3!  I’m trying to spread it out, but the struggle is real.

Track Tuesday: The Return of the Russian!

I posted the workout on my Facebook page and this is just a portion of the comments.  My friends crack me up!!!!

On to the workout:

I did a 4.5 mile warm-up

3x the following workout:
300m (100m recovery)
300m (100m recovery)
300m (100m recovery)
800m jog

1 mile Cool Down

I came home to some more of Jason’s artwork.

David Haywood from Run4Others made an awesome pace calculator.  It makes it super easy to calculate your track splits.  Check it out HERE!

After track and a much needed shower, I got my nails done at The Nail Bar.  OPI Mod About You.

I regularly get deep tissue sports massages and swear by them for recovery.  I switched it up and got a trigger point massage and holy crap did it hurt!!!  The therapist finds a knot or sore spot and digs in with her elbow until the muscle releases.  The scene of the crime…it looks so peaceful.  Don’t be fooled.

Taco Tuesday!

I made Raw Walnut Tacos and they were SO good!!  I’ll type up the recipe soon.  It’s a winner!

Have you ever had a trigger point massage? Have you ever wanted to use four-letter words during massage?!

What was your last speed workout?

Do you get your nails done?  How often?  I go through phases, but it does make me feel like I’m put together.

Do you own a food processor?  How often do you use it?  I’ve been using mine more than ever lately!


Lots of Fruit and Group Runs


I met up with friends for a 5:30 run and then added on a few more solo miles.

We loaded up our fridge with lots of fresh fruit over the weekend.  It’s so good after a hot run!

Super cool surprise from Jason…an iWatch!

And for dinner, I made roasted veggie and quinoa bowl with peanut sauce from My Veggie Chef.  I always keep a few of their dinners in my freezer for nights when we’re in a hurry at dinner time.

And, I wrote a blog about hot weather running (with a bunch of fun gif’s…of course)!

Track Tuesday:

Check out the sunrise.

I’m still taking it easier than usual on the track.  4.5 mile warmup, 400m repeats (400m recovery jog), and 1 mile cool down.  I think you can tell just how hot it was!

I hydrated afterwards with peach, raspberry, and lemon infused water.  It hit the spot!

I got my hair cut that afternoon.  I love when my stylist straightens my hair!

Restoration Hardware, let’s talk about your phone book sized catalog.  I love you, but it’s completely unnecessary!

In honor of Taco Tuesday…


I joined my sweet friends for a road/trail hybrid run through Percy Warner Park.  We logged another 1,000ft elevation gain.

I chowed down on the yummiest kiwi.

My iWatch definitely doesn’t replace my Garmin for running, but I’m really enjoying the fitness tracking features.

I stopped by Fleet Feet and picked up a new pair of Terra Kigers.  Aren’t they pretty?!  That will last for a few minutes on the trails!

For dinner, Jason and I tried the new Blaze Pizza.  Judging from the pizza bones, I think we liked it.

Is this a pet peeve for anyone else?

And a few outtakes from the track, because they’re always my favorite.  🙂

Who has an iWatch?  Thoughts?

What’s your favorite trail shoe?

What healthy foods do you try to keep stocked in your kitchen?  Obviously, I try to always have lots of fruit on hand!

Are you a pizza crust person or do you leave it behind?


She’s a Brick House


The sunrise was gorgeous on the way to the track!  (Don’t worry, I was in the passenger seat…not driving.)

Track Tuesday was the return of the Brick Workout.  It’s all about running fast on tired legs…long distance at a slow pace, medium distance at a medium pace, short distance at a fast pace.

Note: For the next few weeks I’m doing “trackish” speed work, because I’m training for a trail ultra and I’ve learned to not push my speed workouts year round.  I’m running based on effort and less on goal split times.

4 mile warmup plus strides
2 x 1600m (1 minute recovery)
2 x 800m (400m recovery jog)
2 x 400m (400m recovery jog)
1 mile cool down

I can’t let a Tuesday pass without a Taco Tuesday joke!

I am addicted to my fruit infuser water bottle.  My current favorite is lemons with a drop or two of liquid stevia, because I have to trick myself into drinking water by making it taste like lemonade.

Our dinner was a kitchen sink dinner.  It didn’t make a lot of sense, but it’s what I was craving.


I met up with some friends at Percy Warner Park for a trail/road combo run.  It was super hot and humid, but we had a blast!  Apparently my crazy hair and I were pumped to take a finish photo!  Oh, and logged another 1,050ft of gain.

I devoured this pineapple when I got home.

Not only do I love their mango margaritas, I love the Rosepepper Cantina in Nashville for their hilarious signs.

Tequila…yay or nay?  I like it in a frozen fruity drink, but can’t do it straight.

Do you do speed work year round or do you take some time off?  I’ve learned that I can’t push it year round.  I still do light speed work, but the downtime is good for me.

This is big debate in our house.  Do you consider fruit healthy?  I could live off of fruit alone.  My husband tries to limit the sugar.


7 Years, No Itch


We kicked off the day with a 5:30am run.  That calls for coffee!

Can you believe it was already daylight?!!  I love the early summer sunrise!

Early morning light, peonies, and coffee = perfection.

I never drink enough water, so I am loving this fruit water diffuser.  This one had cherries in it!

Track Tuesday:

It was so humid and soupy outside, but we were all smiles during the warmup!  I drank my entire bottle of Cocogo (discount code: JENCHOOSESJOY (all caps) and my post-it fell apart from sweat.

My workout:

4 mile warmup plus a few strides.

6x800m (400m recovery jog)

1 mile cool down

Post run smiles!

I saw Robin at Franklin Massage for a much needed deep tissue massage.

In honor of Taco Tuesday…

With Chipotle on the brain, we grilled out and made a chipotle-lime cauliflower…yum!!

And we’re obsessed with this baby bunny that’s living in our backyard.

Mercury is back in retrograde again until June 11.  Read all about it HERE.

Wednesday:  7th Wedding Anniversary!

I met up with Dave, Corrie, and Jen for a run through Percy Warner Park.

Elevation gain: 1350ft.  We mixed it up and ran half road and half trails.

I put on a dress and even fixed my hair…

And Jason and I went to Moto to celebrate our anniversary!  Thanks to Corrie and Sam for the bubbles!!!

I had my favorite blueberry and mushroom lasagna.  It sounds strange, but it’s perfect.

And Jason surprised me with a new Louis!!


It was a wonderful day.  Thank you to everyone for your well wishes!!!!  

Married folks…how long have you been married and where was your wedding?

Rumor has it that Chipotle is testing delivery.  Are they delivering in your city?  Have you tried it?

How do you get motivated for early morning run?