In the last two days, I’ve baked cookies and forgotten to take them and showed up to work a race packet pickup that isn’t until next week.  I’m blaming my ‘fuzzy’ brain on peak training week for North Fork 50.


I met up with the Brentwood Breakfast Club for a great run through Sylvan Park.

And we had breakfast on the Star Bagel Cafe patio.  Al (the man with the arrow) finished breakfast with us and found out that his wife had gone into labor.  Don’t worry.  He picked her up, made it to the hospital and now has another beautiful baby girl!!!!!

I came home and baked a new Biscoff Cloud Cookie recipe to take to the Dirtbag Trail Run and Mixer.  They turned out great!  Of course, I sampled one.  🙂

I had a surprise flower delivery from Jason.  Aren’t they lovely?!!

I was so excited for to see everyone at the trail mixer that I forgot my cookies.  😦

BUT, I had a blast and Jason took the cookies to work.

Thanks to Jared for this great picture!!  Yes, I had a big smile on my face even though they were taking pictures of our backs (blonde moment).

I came home to find a bunny on my porch!!!!  I was so excited and took like 50 photos.


I’ve been tired and needed a relaxed morning.  So…Jason and I slept in a little (ok it was till 5:30, but that’s still later than I usually get up), and we had crepes at The Perch!

Then, I ran 8 easy paced miles at the gym.

I tried a new-to-me fruit…a Cherimoya.  You just slice it in half and spoon it out.  It’s tasted like a pineapple, apple, and custard had a baby.

How awesome is this shirt from Run On Organic?

Tomorrow is the longest long run for this training season…a 5 hour trail run.  I made sure to carb-up!!!

Ultra runners: Do you run for time or distance when you’re training?

What’s the craziest fruit or veggie you’ve eaten?  I really want to try a durian, but I can’t find them in TN!

Do you feel like you have “mushy” brain during peak mileage weeks?

#choosejoy and Happy Weekend!