Yasso 800’s

I wasn’t ready to talk to Monday, yet.
5:30am run with friends
And Perch afterwards
Track prep: Caramel Macchiato Gu, splits in a plastic bag because rain was in the forecast, and Cocogo.  Use code: JENCHOOSESJOY (all caps) for 10% off.
I still keep the original Picky Bar bags to hold my key for rainy day runs.
Workout: Yasso 800’s – NERD ALERT: Bart Yasso just commented on my Instagram post about my workout!!!
(My last tough workout before Boston and it was in the rain!)
3.5 mile warm-up
10x800m (400m recovery jog)
1 mile cool down
My goal was to keep my 800’s under 3:36.  My actual splits were: 3:35, 3:34, 3:34, 3:34, 3:35, 3:33, 3:33, 3:33, 3:32, 3:27.
Here’s a great article from Runner’s World about the Yasso 800’s.  Supposedly, there is a correlation between your 800m time and your predicted marathon finish time.
Jason surprised me with beautiful flowers.  I’m sure it didn’t have anything to do with him being out-of-town for the NCAA Final Four and National CHampionship games! 😉  If you’re local, Garden Delights always sends the prettiest arrangements.
I had a MantraBand giveaway on Instagram a couple of weeks ago.  @cosmo_polita won and posted this gorgeous pic!
Do you run the Yasso 800 workout?  Do you think it’s marathon finish time predictor?
What’s the earliest you’ll wake up to run?  I have a rule that my alarm time can’t start with a 3:XX!
What’s your favorite Gu flavor?  If not Gu, what’s your preferred mid-run fuel?
Does anyone still remember or use the old Picky Bar bags?

46 thoughts on “Yasso 800’s

  1. I used to have a rule that my alarm couldn’t start with 4:xx but now I do 5am boot camp and orange theory so I guess I’ll have to go with 3:xx as well.

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  2. I have started a few 20 miles at 3am (with a friend). Seems funny to have 20 miles done by 6am. I don’t prefer this, but sometimes it’s my only option. Live your beautiful flowers.

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  3. I want to try Yasso 800s but I’m afraid I’d fail terribly! I plan to start speed work in June so I’m looking forward to trying them then.
    The caramel macchiatto flavor sounds interesting. I like to take Honey Stinger gels during my run, in either the Acai Pomegranate or the Fruit Smoothie flavor.

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    • It’s a great workout. Just choose a realistic pace, so you can successfully complete the workout. I’m sure you’ll be able to do it!! My husband love the fruit smoothie honey stingers…so good!


  4. I’ve gotten up in the 4:xx hour before, but even that is pushing it! Definitely no earlier! I’ve never found Yasso’s to predict my time for me. I’ve run ten of them in the 3:00 or just below before and I definitely don’t run that in a marathon! I wish! It’s a great workout regardless!

    I can’t handle GU. I used to really like the Jet Blackberry flavor, but my stomach doesn’t do well with them anymore. I love Honey Stinger chews and waffles. I use them on all my long runs!

    What beautiful flowers! Lucky girl! Have a great day Jen!

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  5. [Don’t read this, BFF Bart!] I have yet to do Yasso 800s. I know for sure that they are tough stuff, though! I will probably get some done next year when I rock out another marathon (I think? Maybe? Meh…then again, it’s next year…maybe…I dunno.)

    Earliest I get up: 4:00am. I do this often. I also zonk out at 9:00pm. Shah.

    Fave GU flavor = Salted Caramel!

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  6. I haven’t done a yasso 800s workout yet but I hope to do my first one this week sometime! That’s awesome that he commented on your instagram.

    Earliest I run: 11:00 am on weekends. I can’t run in the mornings!!

    Favorite gu: Salted caramel but I might have to try the caramel macchiato next!!

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  7. Jen, I definitely run 800s, but I had NEVER heard about the fact that Bart says this is a marathon predictor until now – whaaaat?!? I think it could definitely be a predictor for fast folks like you, but I find it REEEEEEALY hard to believe that I could run a full marathon in 4:18-4:20 (times for my most recent 800s workout); it would be awesome if I could, though – ha! 😉 I’ll keep this in mind, for sure! Somehow setting my alarm for 4:01 seems better than 4:00 am. 🙂 I love GU, but I also use Honey Stinger gels & chews, too. I wish I’d saved some of the old Picky Bars bags; I always love seeing yours! Have a great day, Jen!

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  8. Jen those are some amazing splits!!!! You are such an inspiration.

    I do this weird thing where I eat honey as mid-run fuel… It’s cheap and clean and doesn’t mess with my stomach.

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  9. You NAILED that workout! I’m so pumped for you to run Boston!!
    I used to wake up at 4:30 to be at the gym to run by 5 but I haven’t done that in a while!!! Need to get back into it.
    I like Gu but Honey Stinger is what works best for me. Easy on the stomach and tastes really good! 🙂

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  10. Awesome paces on your Yasso! Those are like my exact 800 splits from a couple weeks ago – we would be good training partners.
    My favorite Gus are salted caramel – the salt tastes so good during hard runs and races.
    The earliest I’ll wake up for running is 4:00 am – but thankfully I haven’t had to in a while!
    I’ve never tried Picky Bars but really want to. Lauren Fleshman is one of my favorite elites!

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  11. Ummm yeah Jen I’d say that you totally crushed those 800’s Jen and you are definitely going steady with them no ha lol 😛 … ohhhh pretty flowers!! I’m such a sucker for followers because I mother was into gardening. Yes, I do run the Yasso 800’s workout and love it. I also like doing 12×1 fartleks … talk about lungs burning. Call me plain Jane but my favorite GU flavor is vanilla and behind that would be salted watermelon … after all summers coming and watermelon is a summer staple ha! The earliest I wake up for a run is 4:05am that’s pretty much my daily routine. And of course I remember the original Picky Bars bag lol 😀

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  12. Wow, I wish my husband had beautiful flower arrangements delivered every time he went out of town. You have yourself a keeper! 🙂

    That is awesome that Bart commented on your Instagram post. I probably would have done a little happy dance. The last time I did Yasso’s 800s it predicted my marathon time within 5 minutes. He knows his stuff!!! Way to kill it out there!

    The earliest I will get up to run is probably 5am, though I might get up earlier on race day depending on the start time and setup.

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  13. Incredible 800s! I run them but I’ve only done 6×800 not 10. You’re a beast!! We are getting so close to marathon day!!! I use Clif bar gels for fuel. They have a double shot mocha flavor I really like. Earliest I’m up is 4.45 def no 3 am wake up for me!!! 🙂 have a beautiful day Jen!

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  14. Caramel macchiato GU is my favorite! It hits the spot and gives just the right amount of energy 🙂
    Awesome Yasso 800s!!! I think they can be a decent predictor of marathon times but only if your long run and tempo training are on track too. I think there are a TON of other factors that go into a marathon time. For instance, I can do 800s in 3:30-3:35, but I haven’t even been able to finish a half marathon in 1:45 yet much less be on track for a 3:30-35 marathon :/ I struggle maintaining that tempo pace for longer periods of time. Oh well, something to work on!!

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  15. High five on those Yasso’s!! That was my workout too yesterday and I nailed all my splits in the cold rain… super happy about that. 😉 I love me some Picky Bars!! I have major allergy issues so I have to be careful trying new gels/GU/etc but all the comments on Honey Stingers have me intrigued. Gonna have to check that out! Cheers!!

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  16. Hi Jen–I just stumbled upon your blog relatively recently and really love it! I was reading about Cocogo and contemplating buying some–do you use it on long runs in addition to taking the Gu, or just drink it by itself before/after your long runs? I’m trying to figure out the best way to incorporate it to reap the benefits. Thanks!

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