Boston Bound

The Brentwood Breakfast Club celebrated Dave’s birthday with mustaches and mini sombreros.
I made sure to drink tea from my Good Luck mug from Jenn!
I have a weird quirk.  Before I go out of town I like for all of my laundry to do be done and I put clean sheets on my bed. Coming home to fresh bed is the best!
I arrived to the airport at 5am…eek!  My first stop after security, was Starbucks.
And then there was a travel miracle…the seat beside me was empty!
Jason was working in Chicago all week, and we reunited in Boston!  Seeing him and the finish line made it real.  The city is full of energy and I love it!
We went to the expo for bib pickup and lots of shopping.
HUGE THANK YOU to Ricky and Saucony for my Boston Kinvaras!!!!
I’m exhausted in the most wonderful way!  It feels great to be checked in.  Next up: the BAA 5K!
I know a bunch of folks are racing this weekend.  Share your race or long run!!!
Do you adjust your diet for race week?  I drink more water and add more carbs.
The race bag was full of fun goodies, but I’m a little skeptical about this one!  Have you guys tried it?  There’s a big trend of savory run nutrition.  I like mine to taste like frosting!

28 thoughts on “Boston Bound

  1. I can just imagine the buzz and the energy there must be in the city. This would be an amazing experience.
    As a fairly new runner, I’m just pumped just to follow you on this Boston adventure. I learn a lot through your posts.
    Thank you, and I wish you a tremendous race on Monday! 🙂

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  2. Good luck at the 5k! It’s a beautiful morning in Boston – yay!!
    I saw a picture of someone promoting that Clif flavor and kind of gagged. I will NOT be trying it. Ha!

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  3. Oh, this brings me back! What a rush. I’m excited for you! My bff Lora and I ran it in 2010 and 2011 and she’s meeting me at Starbucks here in 45 minutes and we’re all decked out in our Boston gear for our long run. Good luck on Monday! Have SO much fun. Soak up every second.

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