May Miles in 30A!

Another month is in the books!

May Miles: 343.  YTD: 1,571


A bunch of Instagram runners wore orange for their run in honor of  @shanloves2run who lost her brother last week.  Everyone used the hashtag #runnerorange…pretty cool way to send some love her way.

We spent the morning exploring the Watersound dunes.  Beautiful!

Breakfast was at Raw and Juicy in Seaside!

Followed by a peaceful walk on the beach.

And pool time!

Where we were joined by this little guy…or girl.

The afternoon brought off and on showers, so we headed out for some retail therapy….first at Beau (my favorite home goods store).

And then Rosemary Beach!

For dinner, we had Italian at Borago.

I have a big crush on their Wild Mushroom Ravioli.

We walked over to Seaside to watch the sunset.  The clouds were crazy!

What do you like to do on rainy days at the beach?

Are you a mushroom lover?

How was your Monday?


35 thoughts on “May Miles in 30A!

  1. 343 miles in May is outstanding I can’t even imagine!
    Rainy days on the beach usually mean a good book, cozy blanket and coffee 🙂
    And I’ll pass on mushrooms, texture thing 😦
    Beautiful pictures!

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  2. I wish I loved mushrooms but the texture kills me! Maybe I need to try a different kind of mushroom…? Those clouds are beautiful! On rainy days I’d be sitting on the deck reading a book and enjoying the sound of the rain. Nothing better!

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  3. I am giggling over your 343 miles in May. I’m not sure I ran that far in the last six months. Great job! Now I’m inspired!

    I like mushrooms now, but when I was in high school, my friends and I used “mushroom” as shorthand for “I don’t care,” based on our belief that mushrooms were tasteless, but not particularly offensive.

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  4. such beautiful pictures, and you are my running hero! I hope one day my body embraces running and allows me to run crazy miles. I’m getting my nutrition on point this summer so hopefully i can constantly be helping my body instead of hurting it. The whole “i run so i can eat anything” mentality is coming to a stop!

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  5. Love rainy days at the beach ! Not as much as sunny days but it’s fun to sit outside and watch the clouds roll in over the water : ) Great for a nice cool beach breeze too! I am not a big fan of mushrooms, the whole fungi thing gets to me haha. That store Beau looks like my “home decor” Pinterest board : ) ! Happy Tuesday!!

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  6. I love to go explore the area a bit when its rainy! Or sit out on the balcony/patio and watch the rain 🙂

    I love mushrooms and that ravioli looks delicious!

    I hit the ground running Monday with a strength and core workout followed by foam rolling. Then it was off to work for a busy day!! Got home at 8:45PM and crashed!

    You’re miles are awesome! You rock 🙂

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  7. Your miles are inspiring! The mushroom and ravioli looks so decadent, I always find mushrooms add an indulgent touch without being heavy. Rainy days at the beach make for cozy reading days. Enjoy the rest of your time at the beach!

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  8. Glad you are enjoying yr vacation. I have a running shoe question. I’ve been a loyal Saucony runner for more than a decade, but recently have toyed with the idea of trying a pair of Brooks. I think I’ve seen u in Brooks, maybe. If so, are the sizes from saucony to brooks comparable? I have an extremely small foot 5 in regular shoes, but wear a 6 in saucony.


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