The Friday Five

1.  The Elsa Top from Lilly Pulitzer.  I order one or two new ones each spring. They’re so comfortable, flowy, and remind me of the beach.  (Sizing: I wear an XS and it’s still loose.)
2.  Would you do this crazy Slip N Slide?!!  

1) You’ve clicked on dozens of times to see the countdown badge.
4) You’re sick of all the run routes from your home.
5) You’ve been to the Adidas offical 2015 Boston Marathon Apparel site.  A lot.  [The jacket is already hanging my closet!]
12) You already know what you’re wearing on race day, and you have the shoes (with light mileage) ready to run.
4.  Laughing at:
Well played Honda!

Mime Through Time

5. When Phoebe calls Joey as “Estelle” and Joey doesn’t know because there’s no caller ID.
7. ~Smoking indoors~
8. The one where Joey and Ross get locked on the roof and don’t have cell phones.
19. Ordering something from a paper catalog. On the phone.
Have a blessed Good Friday and Choose JOY!

25 thoughts on “The Friday Five

  1. OMG! HAHAHA! I am cracking out over here about the things that happened in Friends that would baffle kids – that is TOO good! Oh, my gosh…should I feel old now?!? 😉 That show will never get old for me; I could watch episodes every day. Love that Lily Pulitzer top; I’m going to have to look that up. It might be worth the $$ for all the wear I would probably get out of it. Thanks Jen! Hope you have a beautiful Easter weekend!

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  2. Love Friends!…one time my daughter called my mom, who doesn’t have call waiting or where it goes to voice mail. My daughter says “It is making this weird sound” I take the phone from her and listen. It was the busy signal! My husband and I couldn’t believe she didn’t know what the busy signal was. I guess everyone else we know had call waiting or it goes to voice mail. We still laugh about it to this day 🙂

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