27 thoughts on “The Best April Fool’s

  1. It doesn’t mess me up too much to have to run at a different time of day, but the first year I ran Boston I ate WAY too early and was hungry before the race even started! Every year since then I’ve taken my breakfast with me and eaten in runners village closer to race time, it works so much better!

    I can eat and run, but it definitely depends on what I’ve been eating. Some foods settle much easier than others!

    LOVE the video! How adorable!

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  2. I told you that you’d crush those mile repeats Jen!! I’m so proud of you!!! I had 800’s yesterday 🙂 I don’t like to eat and run I prefer to wait a while otherwise I feel like a bear shot with a tranquilizer dart … uber sluggish ha! 😛 I like to get my runs in during the morning hours but I can run anytime of day without much difficulty if necessary.

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  3. I feel like everyday I run at a different time! I should probably be more consistent, but I just run when the weather is best or when it’s best for me. Maybe one day I’ll have a schedule, but for now this works for me.

    I definitely have to wait a long time after I eat. I have such a sensitive stomach and get the worst pains if I eat too close to running. This also makes it hard to fuel during long runs but I’m trying to work on it and find what works the best!

    Love the “speeding ticket”. What a sweet and cute idea to run in the capes! Love it 🙂

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  4. Such a cute little cutie! Love the speeding ticket. I can eat and run no problem, but I hate running first thing in the morning. I’m so sluggish. My sister taped up my van with flourescent tape yesterday morning. She’s such a prankster!

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  5. I had trouble with the late Boston start too. I was starving on the bus and ended up eating my breakfast as soon as we got to the athlete’s village, much more time before the run than I did in training. Very good that you’re practicing!

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  6. I have a hard time when I run at anytime other than first thing in the morning also! I usually eat a banana at most before a run, so when I eat before a race I have to do it hours beforehand!
    Awesome paces on your mile repeats! And that little boy is too cute.

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  7. This is PRECIOUS! Ian is adorable and that was such a fun “prank,” especially since it also raises awareness for St. Jude’s. Y’all look great in your capes! Kudos on your mile repeats; those things KILL me. My husband totally got me on April Fool’s Day; he’s so great at it and I always say I’m not going to fall for it again, and then I do. GAH! It does kind of mess me up to run at a different time of day, but there’s got to be quite a difference, like moving from morning to afternoon, etc. It’s not too bad if I’m just waiting a few hours after my usual start time. Great idea to start practicing on Boston time, Jen – woo hoo!

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  8. I always fall for April Fools Jokes. This year I decided to get my husband really good – and I did. Now I am scared of how he is going to retaliate next year. Yikes!

    I am a morning runner as well, even though I have been running more mid-morning and around noon. What time does the Boston Marathon start?

    I can’t eat a full meal and then run…. If I know I am going to run at some point in my day, I will strategically plan my meals so that I don’t feel full on my run.


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